Chapter 1139


“You want to attack Malar?” Umberlee’s gaze showed that she was pondering the idea, “We’re of the same alignment…”

“But not of the same alliance,” Leylin countered quickly, “The two of us work in the same domain, we’ll never see eye to eye. He sent his avatar to attack me during my ascension…”

“Hehe…” The Goddess of the Ocean smiled, radiating a crazed aura. She’d always been temperamental, “Good! Since I owe you one, I’ll help you.”

“No, I think you misunderstand me. I don’t want you to help me based on the contract. I just hope that, as my ally, you can stall the orc gods in my stead…”

“The orcs?” Umberlee now felt like it was impossible to make sense of this new god.

“Mm! The enemy of an enemy, after all. Don’t you feel like I’m a better ally than Malar?” Leylin blinked.

“Haha… Interesting! How interesting…” Umberlee burst into laughter, the terrifying...

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