Chapter 1138

Letting Go

The world rumbled as a purifying sword of light crashed down, but it futilely swept through the air.

‘Hmm? Someone who could penetrate my ability to lock spacetime… Is that a legendary wizard or sorcerer?” Rafiniya turned very serious, looking at the uninvited guest.

“Priestess of the God of Massacre, Barbara, greets the Lady of Hope. This person is a follower of our master, so please hold back…” A native maiden wearing the robes of a priest appeared in front of Rafiniya, the holy light from a legendary priest exceptionally obvious as it emanated from her.

Beside her was a devil hunter with thick chains wound around his arms. The man with a dark aura had already caught Anya’s arm; he was the one who’d saved her from Rafiniya.

“You… you’re from the Giant Serpent Church…” Anya immediately realised the identity of the person who had saved her, a look of hope rising on her face.

“A person who makes use of the evil power...

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