Chapter 1137

Leaving The City

The promised rewards of dinner and good accommodations were enough to cause the caravan servants to exert all their strength. Their eyes reddened with the exertion as the caravan sped up once more to the tune of numerous shouts.

“Faster! Hurry up…” The anxiety that she couldn’t display on her face made Anya recall the most dangerous deal she’d made— when she’d entered the endless wilderness to negotiate with those stinking orcs.

‘The crisis this time far exceeds our transaction with that tribe…’ Anya’s face was unchanging as she faced those orcs, but this time she was really starting to get nervous. After all, if her actions this time were discovered her entire clan would land in deep straits! Unrest and fear had tortured her so much these past few days that there were now more wrinkles above her eyebrows.

The front of the caravan suddenly stopped,...

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