Chapter 1136


“Don’t despair, Anya,” the middle-aged man put on a fierce expression, “The prime material plane is vast, we can definitely find a way out… It’s not just Silverymoon and the orcs here…”

“I’ve already made some contact with some other channels, we can discuss the details later. The shadow mirror seems to be waning… Your only mission is to stabilise the situation, it concerns the life and death of our family…” The image grew blurry as time went on, the voice getting cut up.

Just this short period of communication required a spell formation and several expensive energy crystals. Anya could only smile bitterly and shake her head.

“Other channels… Is Father prepared to seek out other factions? But the ones who would accept us at this time… Are they demons or devils?” Anya smiled sardonically, “Forget it… As long as we can live, I wouldn’t mind help from the Abyss itself…”

The actions of the...

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