Chapter 1135


On a platform within the city hall of New Silverymoon, Alustriel was dressed in a beautiful cloak and a small crown as she leaned against the railings of a balcony overseeing the bustling city. There was a bitter smile on her face.

“Do you hear it, Your Highness? Do you hear the city mourning?” A scholarly old man adjusted his spectacles beside her.

“I hear it… But apart from this, what other ways do we have?” Alustriel turned around and the bitter smile on her face vanished, now replaced by a solid determination. “Our people fear the ferocity of the orcs, and my backers have been unable to gain the protection of the northern kingdoms. We even have to take on their troubles instead, those merchants want to sell at ten times the cost in this kind of time! Heavens… I even pawned the jewels of my crown for such a low price, what more do they want?”

Alustriel sounded exasperated the more she went on. Although she had the support of two...

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