Chapter 1130


It wasn’t just the archdevils watching the changes in Baator. High up in the skies, Mystra looked away.

“What a pity… if the archdevils of hell were more united, this would definitely cause a huge blow to the God of Massacre…”

“Wanting those sly devils to work together is like wanting them to abide by the rules…” The God of Justice Tyr spoke up at the side. Due to the nature of his domain, he felt no goodwill towards these evil beings.

“That’s true!” Mystra laughed wryly. She obviously knew what the devils were like. Every second was spent hating on their superiors, as well as scheming to obtain greater status.

Things would’ve been alright if Asmodeus wasn’t injured, and with his prestige he would have been able to construct a joint army, however he’d been smashed back into the depths of Nessus when he was trying to stop the divine kingdom from descending. This injury arose from going against a sea of origin force,...

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