Chapter 113

Blood Quintessence


Bosain roared and the silver armour on his body formed again. He also produced a silver longsword, which caused a few ripples in the void around it.

“All out!” Jayden’s eyes reddened. He chanted a few ancient incantation and even bit on his finger, letting the blood drip on the green badge.


Countless vines broke out from the ground. Only that the vines now were all red and the reverse thorns were even denser. On them, there were even a tinge of green and an extremely dangerous aura came permeating from it.

“Since it’s become like this!” Leylin waved an arm, and a dozen fire red potion left his hands.

Several more bright flames were exploded on the Black Horrall Snake’s body.

Furthermore, there was a flash on Leylin’s hands, and the black longbow once again appeared in his palm.

“Frost Runes!”

Leylin chanted an incantation and a layer of frost covered the original black longbow, turning the arrows into icy shards!


The 3 different voices sounded at the same time.

The red vines had a faster speed than before, even bringing a gale...

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