Chapter 1129

Fall Of A God


White light!

A scorching, dazzling brilliance that seemed to come from multiple worlds radiated origin force as it was launched from Thultanthar’s primary cannon. This was a fusion of a great arcanist and a flying city, possessing the power to kill gods! Such might showed itself once more in this world, causing many existences to cry out in alarm.

*Rumble!* Space shattered in the divine kingdom, and the avatar melted away under the white light. The light cut a path of destruction through the ocean, eliminating anything in its way. Shrines, holy spirits, or obstacles, they were all reduced to dust under the light, before even that dust was reduced to nothingness.

*Boom!* The white light finally burst through the divine kingdom, breaking through the confines of the First Hell to disappear into the endless void.

“AAAAAHH!” Sekolah’s divine kingdom had received a massive amount of damage. Numerous petitioners perished in an instant, and many more valiant...

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