Chapter 1127

A Divine Battle

Tiff’s transformation didn’t end there. Leylin had showered the man with divine grace, raising him to a legendary priest immediately.

This ability was unique to true gods. Demigods could only give their priests rank 0 to rank 5 divine spells, while true gods could go all the way up to rank 9, even legendary divine spells like Revive that only existed in rumours!

This was also the basis of the influence of true gods’ churches. In the past, Leylin was limited to guarding his worshippers on Debanks Island, but now he could move outside and attack like any other god.

Tiff knew this, and it naturally caused him to be flooded with emotion. He was on the verge of tears.

“Return and placate the worshippers on Debanks Island. Their lives will remain like they were on the prime material plane, maybe even better.” Leylin waved a hand, and space fluctuated once more as Tiff was returned to his original location.

Truth be...

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