Chapter 1125

Divine Kingdom

“Has he gone crazy? He actually wants to build his divine kingdom in the prime material plane?” Mystra was flabbergasted.

“We can think about that later. Let’s leave now!” Tyr retreated very quickly, moving above the oceans in an instant. He distanced himself from the island that had been enveloped in golden light. The two greater gods were only here through avatars. If they recklessly entered Debanks Island which was in the midst of becoming a divine kingdom, the only outcome would be death.

Mystra retreated miserably as well, but Malar’s avatar had been trapped by the golden light of the divine kingdom. It was rapidly consumed, and could only release a final cry of anguish before it perished, boosting the creation of the divine kingdom.

Avatars themselves had been reduced to such a state, so the elites that had been sent their definitely met with misfortune. Even those with legendary strength were rendered as helpless as normal human beings, killed mercilessly by the holy crusade of Debanks Island.

Golden threads of law energy appeared in the void, forming an intricate pattern above Debanks Island that was a scene to behold. Now that Leylin could exercise his will in control of the law of massacre, he combined the threads of law into one that was meant for his divine kingdom.

“No, we can’t let him continue this! Let’s rally our troops immediately, and transfer the units and paladins in the Silverymoon Alliance. No matter how high the price is, we have to kill him!” Mystra’s voice had grown extremely shrill, “He’s only building his divine kingdom right now, it will take but a few avatars to destroy it. If we give him time, I’m afraid…”

Tyr nodded his head solemnly, acknowledging Mystra’s judgement, “Such pure evil should not be allowed to exist in this world!”

It took several hundreds of years to build a divine kingdom. Only after that could the realm be called a safe haven for its creator, amassing large numbers of elite troops and powerful Professionals. These places had holy spirits and valiant spirits, with such strength that even a greater god wouldn’t want to engage in so large a battle.

Leylin’s divine kingdom lacked the time it would need to strengthen him. Without enough worshippers, guardians, and spirits, as well as a lack of churches and spell formations and the weak foundation of laws, his defences were at their weakest right now.

What’s more, once Leylin established his divine kingdom in the prime material plane, his true body would no longer be able to leave. He would have to remain there, stuck as a Saint.

Many gods had once chosen to descend into the prime material plane as Saints and Saintesses, but they had perished. A god in such a form was just a big gift to those powerful legendaries. Mystra had no doubt that Debanks Island would turn into a haven for adventurers in the future.

If one managed to kill a true god, the god’s divinity, divine domain, and all their accumulations would become their own. Even some demigods wouldn’t be able to resist such temptation.

“He’s seeking his own death!” Tyr concluded.


‘Building my divine kingdom in the prime material is just courting death… Don’t you think I know that already?’ Leylin mocked the thoughts of the two from within Debanks Island. He was almost done with his ascension now, but it wasn’t quite done.

His many worshippers were praying, “Kukulkan, my Lord, your seat is royal and divine, like the stars in the skies!”

““Your seat is royal and divine, like the stars in the skies!””

Truth be told, even if all ascension ceremonies had this line in them that was merely a wish of the gods. The establishment of a divine kingdom wasn’t something one could do overnight, not to mention that a throne among the stars. Such a thing would deplete several centuries of accumulation of a lesser god instantly!

However, Leylin was different. He’d still held onto the origin force sea that had helped him ascend, and he had a trump card.

“My ascension ceremony is far from being over!” Leylin exclaimed loudly, and the entirety of Debanks Island began to tremble. The light of the divine kingdom enveloped the entire region, separating the outside space from the island itself. The ocean separated from the land, and Debanks Island had turned into a semi-plane in an instant.

“A royal seat? How?” Mystra felt like all her knowledge and expertise with the divine had vanished today. She was unable to comprehend Leylin no matter how much she tried. ‘Even if he still has the origin force from his ascension, it’s definitely not enough!’

The World Origin Force began to surge wildly. The entirety of the southern seas roared as the miniature continent that was Debanks Island was removed from it. This was an extremely big chunk of the world being taken off the map, so the repercussions of such an act were unimaginable.

Of course, Leylin did not give a hoot about such things. If not for his limited divine powers, he would gladly remove the entire southern seas from the prime material plane. After all, the size of a divine kingdom was directly related to the power of its god.

At this moment, all intelligent creatures in the prime material plane noticed a brand new star shining atop the southern seas.

“This… is a royal seat! The evolution of a divine kingdom!” Many gasps sounded throughout the prime material plane.

However, they were soon replaced by cries of disbelief. Instead of rising up into the skies, this new star had actually fallen down! What did they just see?

“Haha… Why would I want to evolve it and enter the higher planes? I can do the same in the lower planes!” Leylin laughed maniacally. It was much easier to have his divine kingdom descend than rise

Of course, either option would require a great deal of energy for any other god, but Leylin was different. He had his authority as an Archdevil of Baator, and the doors of the Second Hell were forever open to him. With his status as the Lord of Dis, Baator would not reject the descent of his divine kingdom, Moreover, he could even use the power of Baator’s origin force to help his divine kingdom evolve at crucial times!

Indeed, Leylin’s goal had been the Second Hell of the Nine Hells. He’d made the entirety of Dis almost a part of his divine kingdom! If he combined Debanks Island with the Second Hell, it wouldn’t be far fetched to make the entire plane his divine kingdom!

With the unlimited space in Baator, and the laws of Dis alongside his divine kingdom, Leylin’s powers immediately surpassed that of lesser gods to enter the rankings of intermediate gods. His divine kingdom was equivalent to ones that intermediate gods would put painstaking effort into building!

At this point Asmodeus’ schemes and Mystra’s hostility could all be thrown to the sidelines. Dis would eventually become a strong fort for him.

“The destination is Baator. Let’s go!” A phantom of Leylin appeared in the skies. At the borders of the world, one could see the giant turn its head towards Baator.

*Boom!* A fist comprised of immense, endless origin force broke free of any obstructions posed by the prime material plane, beginning to sink down…

The Second Hell of Baator, Dis. The origin force of the world began to smoulder as an infinite power of law moved out to link with Debanks Island.

“Kukulkan, my Lord, you are the marshal of all devils, the Lord of Hell! The entirety of Dis shall become your divine kingdom!” In the innumerable space nodes within Dis, the devils that were dispatched from Debanks Island had begun to pray in unison.

Dis trembled violently, as if welcoming a newborn child. Many devils of Baator sensed the change, and began to turn uneasy. However, even the highest level of their hierarchy in the Lords of Baator couldn’t do a thing about it!

“NOO!” An extremely unwilling roar rang out from the Ninth Hell. The deep valley of Nessus was split open to reveal the massive body of a devil. This was the true body of Asmodeus, the Supreme of Baator. It had been recuperating from serious injuries all this while, leaving all matters to be taken care of by a clone.

Right now, however, Asmodeus could no longer tolerate Leylin’s actions. He’d always wanted to unify the Nine Hells, and now that Leylin wanted to take the entirety of Dis for his own, never to leave, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

A primordial contract appeared in Asmodeus’ hands, causing the origin force of Baator to whistle in rage. His body expanded to nearly cover all of Baator, blocking the arrival of Leylin and his divine kingdom.

“I hereby invoke the primordial contract, exercising my right as the sole party allowed to collect souls. I have the authority to unify all of Baator. You, get lost!” As Asmodeus roared in rage, a massive wave of hell’s energy surged towards Leylin.

“You pathetic existence! You want to stop me, a true god?” The same origin force congealed behind Leylin, “As the overlord of Dis, I now proclaim that Dis is no longer a level of Baator.”

With Beelzebub’s authority in hand, Leylin used it to the utmost. It took only a few moments for a huge chunk of the origin force behind Asmodeus to be ripped off.

“In my name as Kukulkan, Dis now has the authority to collect the souls of my worshippers. The primordial contract shall be rendered void!” Leylin immediately used his godhood to counter Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was aided by Baator because he had the authority to harvest souls on its behalf. Now, however, Leylin removed this right by law! Such an attack hurt Asmodeus even more than just the loss of Dis.

“You actually dare…” Asmodeus seethed with venom.

“There’s no use in making any noises, get lost!” Dis rumbled, and Asmodeus’ figure immediately turned smaller. As Leylin activated the onslaught of his divine kingdom, the devil was sent flying back to Nessus.

*Boom!* Debanks Island had immediately merged with Dis, and radiated with a holy light!

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