Chapter 1123


Seeing Azlok and Borke walk out, the traitorous devils all took a step back.

“Surrender, Azlok. You don’t have to work so hard for the sake of an outsider!” A pit fiend dressed in barbed black armour stood out, “We’re backed by the Lords of Baator, including Supreme Asmodeus himself. This is the will of the Nine Hells!”

“Even the Nine Hells must submit to our master!” Borke stepped forward, emanating vile, devilish soul light.

“This… Primordial power… Who exactly are you?” The pit fiends were stunned. This old devil was almost as strong as the Supreme.

“Keke… My name’s long since been buried in the long and deep river of history. On the other hand, you shall become the dust and decay of yesteryear… You shall be buried in history, remembered as foolish and inferior…” Borke snickered, and a terrifying wave of origin force suddenly descended upon Dis, accompanied by some unresigned, enraged howls.

“It’s beginning!” Borke and Azlok exchanged a glance and knelt down, beginning to pray.

“Our master, Kukulkan. You are the master of Baator,...

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