Chapter 1122


Faulen Island.

Rafiniya had a nostalgic expression on her face as she stepped onto the dock once more. The last time she’d come here, it was to congratulate Leylin on advancing to the legendary realm. She’d then entreated him to take part in the operations of the Silverymoon Alliance in the north.

It seemed like that had happened just yesterday. However Rafiniya clearly knew that nothing was the same as before.

“There’s news, my Lady. All transport to Debanks Island has stopped.” A paladin arrived by Rafiniya’s side.

“I’ve seen them,” Rafiniya looked at Port Venus. The originally flourishing port had now become rather desolate. With the loss of the hugely important Debanks Island, a majority of the ships had left. There were only two or three boats here, a rather pitiful scene.

“They’ve pulled back their forces, did they discover something?” Rafiniya gritted her teeth, “Even if we have to find our own ships, we must hurry...

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