Chapter 1121


“Tsk… Chester really is pitiful…” Ukekelu, the lion-bodied demigod, shook his head.

“If my ascension fails, I won’t end up any differently either…” A mass of black mud issued this thought, but while the demigods continued their discussion a rain of blood enveloped the Tree Castle. Any survivors believed to worship Chester Potter were sent to burn at the stake.

On the other hand, Schliff faced much better treatment. His head had been chopped off directly by a legendary paladin.

Leylin looked around and asked, “How is it, everyone? After witnessing this scene, what do you think of my idea?”

“With the obstruction of a true god, our chances of advancing will definitely be reduced… Your suggestion is worth considering…”

“I’ll answer you before the time limit.”

The other false gods gave a reply one after another.

“Very well. I believe that, as long as...

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