Chapter 1121


“Tsk… Chester really is pitiful…” Ukekelu, the lion-bodied demigod, shook his head.

“If my ascension fails, I won’t end up any differently either…” A mass of black mud issued this thought, but while the demigods continued their discussion a rain of blood enveloped the Tree Castle. Any survivors believed to worship Chester Potter were sent to burn at the stake.

On the other hand, Schliff faced much better treatment. His head had been chopped off directly by a legendary paladin.

Leylin looked around and asked, “How is it, everyone? After witnessing this scene, what do you think of my idea?”

“With the obstruction of a true god, our chances of advancing will definitely be reduced… Your suggestion is worth considering…”

“I’ll answer you before the time limit.”

The other false gods gave a reply one after another.

“Very well. I believe that, as long as we work towards a common goal, becoming true gods isn’t just a wild hope for us. We’ll definitely succeed!”


Once the other demigods left, Leylin looked towards the forest with an imposing look.

‘Vengeful spirits will arise during ascension, causing a tide of pollution…’ Although Chester Potter’s situation was a unique case, Leylin did not completely overrule the possibility of the same happening to himself.

‘Experimental results show that negative energy easily attracts such mutations, and also results in powerful magnetic fields that distort space…’ He stroked his chin.

If one spoke of karma, Leylin’s kill count almost equalled that of the Poison Scorpion. Even in the World of Gods alone, the number of people who had fallen at his hands was an astronomical figure. Countless natives had fallen at his hands, and numerous high-ranked Professionals. If even 1% of those vengeful spirits moved during his ascension, it would land him in a very tricky situation.

‘I need to thoroughly bid farewell to my past before I ascend? Moreover, only true gods of the World of Gods can bear the weight of the vengeful spirits…’ His understanding of deities had increased.

‘That’s not everything I gained from today,’ Leylin’s eyes shone, ‘The descend of the World Will allowed me to distinguish between the strengths of the different camps. Malar was a live example, the same kind of thing will definitely happen to me!’

Chester Potter could be called a test subject for Leylin’s own situation. The A.I. Chip had gathered a lot of valuable information from this live experiment, information that would be vital to Leylin’s advancement.

‘Once all the preparations are complete, I shall immediately return and ascend!’ Desire and thirst revealed themselves in Leylin’s eyes, and his confidence peaked. Who other than him could start the war on the gods once more?


‘May your soul be at peace.’ Rafiniya prayed silently inside the Baron’s household. Those that had survived the sacrifice sympathised with evil and there was no need to let them off. She’d undertaken the task, purging the entire residence with her holy sword.

Rafiniya felt like her own heart had been stirred up by that bloody altar. Twenty thousand innocents had died, and even their corpses hadn’t been spared. Their only remnants were traces of wetness and ripped clothing.

‘Those evil and false gods are the greatest stain on the cause of justice!’ Rafiniya felt a burning flame within her chest, about to break out of her body.

“Holy Knight!” A priest of Tyr ran over, bringing over a mirror of water. An image formed on the mirror, showing an old priest that resembled a warrior. The man had a kindly face and thick eyebrows, his expression filled with determination.

“Cardinal!” Rafiniya immediately saluted to the old man. Her actions weren’t just due to a difference in status and strength, instead a respect born from her heart.

“Rafiniya! I’ve learnt that the false god has been eliminated. You’ve done well,” the cardinal praised.

“All is due to the Lord’s protection. Under the guidance of our Lord, those evil and false gods only received their just punishment.” Rafiniya pursed her lips, seeming very obstinate.

Seeing this scene, a kind smile surfaced on the Cardinal’s face. He then turned serious, “Rafiniya, I have another task for you.”

“Please.” Rafiniya did not want this tragedy to repeat itself. She was in a hurry to set off, slicing the evil zealots apart to save innocent civilians.

“Very well,” A trace of unwillingness appeared within the elderly cardinal’s eyes as he looked at Rafiniya’s current state, but he soon suppressed it. “A number of demigods backed the resurrection and frenzy of the Poison Scorpion Church this time…”

The cardinal’s face was exceptionally serious, bemoaning the state of the universe and pitying the fate of mankind.

“These false gods greatly disrupt the peace of the continent. The Lord has decreed that we investigate the parties involved in this incident, and work together with the other churches to eliminate those false gods.”

“As the Lord wills.” Rafiniya knelt down on one knee and agreed. “Where am I to investigate?”

“The southern seas, Debanks Island. Specifically, the Giant Serpent Church.” The moment the cardinal revealed her destination, Rafiniya’s body quivered.

The cardinal spoke slowly, “I know you had a good relationship with that demigod wizard. If you’re unwilling—”

“No! I accept this task.” The Holy Knight looked up, incomparable resolution on her face.

“It is true that Leylin and I were friends. However, he’s threatening the peace of the continent! It’s my duty as his friend to pull him off the wrong path!”

“What if he exceeds his limits?” the cardinal asked indifferently.

“In that case, I shall end his mistakes once and for all.” Rafiniya’s body radiated justice with her reply.

“Very well! The Lord has seen your determination!” The cardinal nodded in satisfaction, stopping communications.

“Holy Knight Rafiniya! The cardinal commanded us to follow you.” A team of powerful paladins and priests approached Rafiniya. This was only the investigation team. Once she sent confirmation, high-ranked legendaries and even gods’ avatars would be dispatched there.

“I didn’t expect us to end up like this, Leylin…” Rafiniya looked towards the setting sun, faint regret in her eyes. She seemed to recall their first meeting, a time when both of them were of similar strength. Leylin had shaken her off quickly, becoming a high-ranked wizard, then a legendary and ultimately a demigod. She could only watch his distant back, unable to even shadow him.

‘I’m so stupid! Really, with his thirst for power and his attitude of safety over principles, it should’ve been clear from the start that we’d end up on opposite sides!’ Rafiniya withdrew her sword, the regret replaced with resolution. ‘You have your path, and I shall insist on mine. From this day forth, we are enemies!’

The Holy Knight pointed her longsword towards the south, setting into an unshakeable determination, “Let’s set off. Our target is in Debanks Island, the Giant Serpent Church!”

A large number of mounted troops filed out of the Tree Castle, leaving dust on the road.


“Romese!” Helm’s avatar called out to his own cardinal in another camp.

“My Lord! You are the guardian and defender of the true gods…” Romese knelt down, his face full of sincerity.

“Although we won this time, things won’t remain so simple…” The avatar’s eyes shone with foresight.

“Head towards the south, and assist the troops of justice in eliminating the Giant Serpent Church entirely.” Helm decreed, “The church will exert pressure as needed on the coastal nation, having them form a sea expedition.”

“I understand! Your will is my command!” Romese respectfully agreed, but great shock entered his heart. ‘Not hesitating to gather secular forces in an expedition? This breaks custom… Has our opponent reached such a terrifying level?’

The church and state had certain tacit understanding. This action would throw the gods’ might around the secular world; such an action would attract a great deal of negativity.

There was only one reason Helm would shoulder this— the danger of allowing the Giant Serpent Church to continue developing greatly exceeded the danger royalty posed towards them. It could even threaten Helm himself!

Having thought of this, Romese suddenly felt the weight of the task that had been placed on his shoulders…

The situation in the continent hadn’t calmed after the Poison Scorpion Church was eliminated, instead growing even more strange. Numerous demigods began to stir, and dense clouds began to shroud the prime material plane. It was in such a turbulent environment that Rafiniya’s party arrived in the southern seas.

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