Chapter 1120


There were many rumours surrounding Cyric, but the most popular one was that he was originally a mortal like them. He stumbled upon the inheritance of a fallen god by chance, soaring to godhood. It caused many mortals to worship him fervently.

However, many of those worshippers wanted the inheritance for themselves. If the chance befell them, they would gladly steal his luck.

Since Cyric was a mere mortal before he ascended, the huge leap of power, alongside his divinity and the power of his domain, had side effects. He grew selfish, prejudiced, and slightly crazy.

Exactly because of this, Cyric would definitely have reacted to a demigod ascending into his domain in the past. However, now he’d gone completely insane.

The pope looked at the statue that was wrapped up in a dark red energy, and the worry on his face grew heavier. It took a while for him to finally make up his mind, “Merrick!”

“The Lord is...

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