Chapter 112

Shadow Stealth

The eyes of the Black Horrall Snake revealed a human-like mocking expression.


A tremendous amount of spiritual force was released, rejecting the green light instantly.

Not only that, the contract spell formation in midair exploded violently too.

Bosain’s chest seemed to have been struck by a hammer and he was sent flying backwards.

Large chunks of silver armour fell and crimson red blood was constantly spurted from Bosain’s mouth.

“The backlash from the contract!” Leylin who was watching from afar blurted out.

If the contract failed on a powerful creature, magicians will often suffer backlash on their spiritual force. Moreover, apart from that spiritual force backlash, there was also the attack from the creature’s spiritual force.

Looking on, it seemed that Bosain’s spiritual force had been severely damaged. Furthermore, due to the connection of the spiritual force with the magic artifact, the magic artifact had also been damaged.

*Hua La La!*

Just when Bosain was sent flying back, a white protection rune flew up from his body. A milky white light then engulfed Bosain who...

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