Chapter 1119


“Helm… HELM!” A humanoid voice sounded from the giant scorpion, but Helm’s avatar looked at the ominous clouds instead. His face turned darker the longer he looked.

Rafiniya felt a surge of might descending suddenly, causing her knees to buckle as she almost fell to the ground.

*Rumble! Rumble!* Silver lightning streaked between the ominous cloud, snaking around ceaselessly.

“This… It’s the descent of origin force… Someone’s gathering divinity to ascend,” Romese muttered, looking at the sky above the castle.

The giant scorpion roared, as vengeful spirits floated from up from its body.

“It’s him! Is he preparing to transcend now?” Rafiniya’s voice was hoarse.

“What’s happening?” It wasn’t just the opponents that were flabbergasted. Schliff’s mouth gaped wide open, and his eyes almost popped out in disbelief.

This was but a resurrection ceremony. Why was more divinity gathering now? How was an ascension attempt...

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