Chapter 1115


The old butler and the youth were guarded by a group of ‘friendly and polite’ native soldiers after they entered the territories of Debanks Island. Since they were in a land that was not their own, they allowed this arrangement. After a few days of uneasy waiting, they managed to arrange a meeting with Leylin.

On their path to the holy mountain, the old butler looked at the youth solemnly. “Do you remember what I told you, young master?”

The youth had stiffened up in the tense atmosphere, but he still managed to nod, “Mm.”

‘Sigh… This beautiful and fertile country… It’s a powerful base even for demigods. No wonder he can flourish for so long without fear of being destroyed by the mainland…’ The old butler gazed at the flourishing imperial capital and sighed in awe. Leylin truly had picked a great place. Not only was there a large population to provide faith for him, the mainland had little influence here.

However, thoughts were just thoughts...

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