Chapter 1113


“The Church of Protection?” The leader of the devil hunters sneered. His muffled voice and thick accent couldn’t cover up the ridicule in his tone.

“How dare you ridicule our god?” Rage could be seen on Morand’s face. No bishop would lie down and take an attack on their god.

“No, no. How would I dare ridicule a true god?” The devil hunter was dressed in the distinctive garb of the southern seas. He had yellow skin and thick lips, his brown hair styled with several small pigtails.

”It’s just… We have the opportunity to punish those who attack the faithful, as well as imposters.”

“Imposters?” Cold sweat beaded down Morand’s forehead, and he had an extremely bad premonition.

“Follow the Lord’s orders, check for devils!” This diminutive leader did not give him the chance to do anything, shouting out all of a sudden as holy light flowed to reveal a few Detect Devil spells...

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