Chapter 1112


The face of the knight changed at that moment. His figure that was similar to an iron fortress moved forward, smashing the floor apart.

*Hss!* A thin shadow arose from the floor with a vertical blood-red eye. It looked like a tiny black snake.

“Wait a moment! This is…” The butler stopped the knight, placing his hands on the floor in all seriousness. The little snake stuck out its tongue and licked his fingers, moving towards his ears without hesitation before it released soft hisses.

The black snake exploded once it conveyed the message, and the butler’s face immediately changed, “Not good! The Church of Protection discovered our tracks, they’ve been behind us all this while!

“Forget the luggage. We should flee immediately, use the windows!” The butler had made his decision in a moment. The trio left the building secretly after they packed their essentials, leaving a candle burning to make...

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