Chapter 1111


Night time.

The sea looked even deeper in the darkness, terrifying monsters seemingly hiding within as strange whining sounds could be heard within the fog. Steel boots moved along the coastline as a few silhouettes walked out of the sea.

“We can borrow the power of our Lord to escape the monitoring of the wizard tower,” a man wrapped in gray robes said.

“Bah, the territory of a false god. I’ll personally destroy it one day!” a robust man exclaimed, a look of disdain in his eyes.

“Pay attention to your words, Mare.” Their leader turned back. He was wearing exquisite armour, the large single eye emblazoned on his cape a symbol of his church. “Our mission is to pursue the remnants of the evil church. The affairs of the south sea do not concern us. Unless we receive personal orders from master or our church, there will not be any conflicts with others during this missio...

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