Chapter 1111


Night time.

The sea looked even deeper in the darkness, terrifying monsters seemingly hiding within as strange whining sounds could be heard within the fog. Steel boots moved along the coastline as a few silhouettes walked out of the sea.

“We can borrow the power of our Lord to escape the monitoring of the wizard tower,” a man wrapped in gray robes said.

“Bah, the territory of a false god. I’ll personally destroy it one day!” a robust man exclaimed, a look of disdain in his eyes.

“Pay attention to your words, Mare.” Their leader turned back. He was wearing exquisite armour, the large single eye emblazoned on his cape a symbol of his church. “Our mission is to pursue the remnants of the evil church. The affairs of the south sea do not concern us. Unless we receive personal orders from master or our church, there will not be any conflicts with others during this mission.”

“I understand, Bishop Morand.” The man muttered, but he eventually quieted down.

“Is everyone clear on on the mission?” Bishop Morand looked at his own subordinates and could not help being prudent. “Our target is the descendant of an evil god. If the church survives, it could assist in his resurrection, so it needs to be cleaned up.

“My intelligence says they intend to escape to Debanks Island. We must not let them succeed!”

“Debanks Island… The land of the Giant Serpent, a hell on earth with unending death and fear…” Soft murmurs circulated within the group, and Morand’s face grew unsightly.

Leylin was a false god who’d managed to resist the suppression of Helm’s Church, even killing a large number of clergymen. He’d been on the Church of Protection’s list for a long time.

Unfortunately, this fellow had holed up in Debanks Island, controlling what was once the Sakartes Empire. He also had numerous subordinates, including another demigod. Although they’d sent several squads with high hopes, none of them had managed to survive Leylin’s countermeasures.

A few attempts later, Debanks Island had been marked as forbidden grounds for Helm’s Church, even mentioning it garnering the hostility of its paladins.

“Let’s set off! We swear to crush the demigod!” Bishop Morand’s face held an unswerving determination as he led his subordinates into the night.


“My Lord, you are like the stars up in heaven, your wings of healing protecting the world in their embrace. Massacre is your sharp sword, and your eyes are brighter than the sun…” A bishop was leading the prayer within a concealed room on Faulen Island, dressed in robes embroidered with a giant snake.

Leylin had yet to become a true god, so his church was not recognised by the other gods on the mainland. If they revealed themselves in public, they would be attacked, so the church held its prayers in a secret area.

Once the daily prayers were completed, the bishop entered an office where a few valiant believers were waiting, a few natives in particular amongst them. Although the natives were slightly shorter than the rest, the violence in their eyes and their ice cold killing intent put a faint pressure on the rest.

“Good day, everyone. We have all gathered here today under the gaze of the Winged Serpent Kukulkan,” the bishop nodded towards the rest.

“Under the gaze of our God!” Everyone immediately prayed in unison, fanaticism noticeable in their eyes. Regardless of personal power or faith, these natives had proven themselves. The bishop did not reveal any disdain.

The bishop suddenly remembered, ‘Word has spread that a large number of natives have joined the church’s headquarters in Debanks Island, and there’s a high chance that the next pope will be a native saintess…’ He then gripped the emblem on his chest and started repenting in his heart, ‘Everything is the will of our only Lord. Please forgive me for my wavering faith…’

Of course, the rest only saw the bishop clench at his holy emblem before sitting down behind his desk.

“Intelligence from the city hall and wizard tower say that an incredible figure seems to have entered our territory.” The bishop banged on the table, taking out a stamped letter that he showed to the rest.

A subordinate took a look and spoke out with his doubts, “Poison Scorpion Church?”

“Yes. It’s a church that worships an ancient scorpion demigod. They’ve been developing in secret for a long time, but sadly they were discovered and suppressed by the forces of Helm while their lord was ascending. Rumours say the demigod fell…” Mockery appeared on the bishop’s face as he explained this, “There was no need to pay attention to such a small church before, but according to wizard Ernest, the demigod’s descendant has fled to Faulen Island, planning to journey to Debanks Island.”

“This matter can be quite troublesome… We’re currently trying to maintain peace with the forces on the mainland as we develop, this might invoke a war…” One of the subordinates frowned.

“Of course. I’m aware of that, but we cannot allow them to act with total disregard for law.” The bishop looked at his subordinates with resentment. If under normal circumstances, would there even be a situation out of his control? Unfortunately, he had only taken over this branch recently, and it was the former headquarters of the Faulen Family.

Of course, they listened to Leylin’s orders, but outside of that it was troublesome to unite them. These elites couldn’t be dispatched if they weren’t convinced about the situation.

Just as the bishop was troubled, his face suddenly changed. A strong will descended on the place abruptly, and flames were ignited on the statue of the feathered serpent.

“Our Great Lord has descended!” The bishop was the first one to kneel down in prayer, the others quickly following suit.

A thought was soon transmitted out of the statue, causing a hint of joy to appear on the bishop’s face, “Worshippers, I am in need of you…”

“Are all of you clear of our Lord orders? “

“Yes!” the formerly rebellious subordinate stood out, saying resolutely, “This is the will of the Lord, we’ll complete the task even if it costs us our lives!”

“Good!” The bishop nodded in satisfaction.


The youth and his two servants were still unaware of the huge crisis that was about to befall them. They’d already set up at a small inn. The youth had tried to escape, but now he’d been arranged in a clean room. The butler moved to the edge of the window, taking a few glances before he tightly shut the curtains.

The knight stood at the door like a sculpture, similar to a loyal guard.

“You’re the son of our Lord. Please pay attention to your actions. How could you run out on a whim? Aren’t you aware that the Church of Protection is right behind us? They definitely won’t let us go if they’re given the opportunity…” The butler’s face had blackened.

The youngster shrank down. “I’m sorry, bishop… I, I only wanted to look at that lord’s wizard tower…”

‘Sigh… He’s still a child after all, this responsibility is too heavy for him to shoulder…’ The bishop who was dressed like a butler let out a secret sigh, softening up at the sight of the youngster’s face.

“Please endure it for a while. We’ll be safe once we reach Debanks Island.”

“Debanks Island?” A rare trace of joy appeared on the youngster’s face. “The place with the rumoured native empire and the Giant Serpent… We won’t have to worry about Helm’s Church once we’re there?”

“As long as you can obtain their protection, yes!” A kind and amiable smile surfaced on the butler’s face.

“Our Lord interacted with the Giant Serpent Church before, and they’re willing to help innocent people like us who’ve been suppressed… More importantly, our gifts will definitely gain his favour.”

The moment gifts were brought up, the knight subconsciously gazed at the youngster’s neck. A crystal pendant was hung there, emitting soft light.

“They will only shelter you for such an artifact…” The butler stroked the child’s hair, “You don’t have to be sad. This is something our Lord gained in an accidental encounter. I’m sure you can exchange it for your safety and the opportunity for the church to rise again in the future. I’m sure he would have agreed as well…”

The youngster did not notice the trace of pity within the butler’s eyes. A child of god was someone who’s descended from a true god. Demigods’ descendants barely qualified to be addressed as such, and in fact their Lord had several heirs as precaution. Unfortunately, this child was the only one among his brothers and sisters who’d survived.

‘If a true god falls, as long as their believers continue to call out their true name with devout faith they’ll return after a period of time. However, it’s different for a demigod… The conditions are harsher, and there are additional requirements that will make resurrection more difficult…’

Although his heart felt pity, the faith in the butler’s soul ultimately won. He recovered his previous expression.

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