Chapter 1110


“What? Your Excellency Leylin, do you know what you’re saying?” Ignox’s figure appeared in the abyss, a ring of darkness. Other conscients moved out as well, showing their interest in the matter.

Leylin inhaled a deep breath, “Of course I do. I have a way to get past the crystal sphere, and can already send those with power up to the Breaking Dawn realm past it. Transferring beings of laws is a problem, but I’m looking into it.”

“Interesting! Interesting!” Leylin felt several malicious intents descend on him immediately, wanting to pry open his mind.

“Get lost!” He grinned malevolently, bright red light from Dreamscape shining as a vertical eye appeared between his brows. The evil conscients wailed in anguishing instantly, retreating in haste.

“It’s the symbol of the Nightmare King!”

“No wonder he’s growing strong so fast, he isn’t beneath us rank 8 existences anymore…”

The many conscients were alarmed. Only until now did these powerful existences regard Leylin properly. Equal power was a basis for communication, and Leylin had never doubted that fact. If he didn’t reveal strength rivalling rank 8, these Magi would snatch away all his achievements.

“I’ve said this before. Leylin became one of us after he signed the contract.”

*Boom!* An immense explosion resounded, showing Mother Core’s determination. A peak rank 8 that wished to try prying on Leylin stopped immediately.

‘Legend has it that Mother Core comes from the centre of the Magus World and has tens of millions of clones, each in different form. Looks like that’s all true…’ Leylin nodded his head as light flashed in his eyes.

“The fruits of your research will be protected.” The massive body that represented Mother Core moved up and down, indicating her will.

“Thank you, my Lady. However, I wish to share the results of my research with the rest…” Leylin smiled and tossed a bait that the other existences could not refuse, “In exchange for a small price of equal value…”


A flurry of discussion later, shocking news travelled out from the Magus World. A rank 7 Magus had actually discovered a way to break through the World of Gods’ crystal sphere, and this had been confirmed by Mother Core.

This news caused a huge wave of controversy. After all, the war between the Magus World and the World of Gods had never stopped. With the World of Gods unable to turtle up anymore, it would most likely resume in full force. And now, it seemed like that epic war was upon them once more.

It was worth mentioning that the crystal sphere blocked all communication into and out of the World of Gods. The divine beings there did not learn of this news at all. They continued to feel that, with the protection of their crystal sphere, the Magus infiltration was extremely far away.

The person at the root of all this commotion was actually quite calm. Having displayed power equivalent to rank 8s, nobody in the astral plane except existences on par with Mother Core could touch him. Even if such a person appeared he could always escape to Dreamscape or the Shadow World, leaving those existences unable to do anything about him. With these trump cards in hand, Leylin’s true body would not be affected by the trials and hardships he’d have to face.

Leylin had only passed down methods to have creatures at or below Breaking Dawn enter the World of Gods, leaving the methods for beings of law to himself. This was indeed a fact— after all, he was still in the outside world and even the Manderhawke Plate couldn’t let him get in— so he wasn’t afraid of someone interrogating him.

Magi weren’t short sighted people, but the information still stimulated their greed. The astral plane grew more lively as numerous powerful and evil gazes locked onto the World of Gods. The Final War would blow up once more, and it could happen at any moment!


On the other end of the astral plane, within the crystal sphere. The numerous gods of the World of Gods remained unaware of the impending danger, continuing their scramble for power and profit with crafty plots and machinations.

The mainland had calmed down in its never-ending war, a truce being called between the Orc Empire and the Silverymoon Alliance. Everybody’s focus had instead drifted south, towards the rumoured native empire.

Faulen Island.

This was originally the territory of the Faulen Family, but Leylin had moved his entire clan to Debanks Island a while ago. This caused a decline in its status, but the island was still the primary port of the southern seas, an important transfer point.

Huge quantities of sugar, salt, and food items continued being sent up from the south, transported to the mainland in exchange for iron, cloth, and technology. An unknown number of merchants had grown rich on this channel of trade, whereas smuggling continued unabated despite repeated crackdowns. It gave the shipping route another name— the Path of Gold.

Rumours were abound that even ordinary sailors could become millionaires after a few years of working this route. They’d attracted a huge wave of adventurers, filling the bars and hotels to the brim as they caused the city to prosper.

On this day, a small transport ship anchored itself in the port. Unlike the others that were anxious to fill every nook and corner with goods, this one seemed to be comfortable as every passenger had ample space. It was a favourite of many aristocrats and businessmen.

Escorted by an old butler and knight, a youngster whose face was covered by a white veil walked down the deck.

“So this is Port Venus, the rumoured land of wealth and hope?” The youngster took a look at the huge beams and mechanical arms in the harbour. Huge tools could be seen everywhere in the two piers, nimbly dancing around with a life of their own as they transported massive wooden crates down enormous ships from distant lands. The crates were wheeled outside the pier along a long track.

There were numerous sailors waiting here, their exposed torsos showing their strong muscles. The youth’s attention was drawn to the fact that humans weren’t the only ones here. There were black and yellow-skinned southern natives, fishmen with obvious traits of the ocean, beastmen with dense fur, dwarves, and halflings abound, as if they’d found a place that belonged to them.

“Such a strange device… Normal beams are far less flexible, unable to sustain such great weight.” The youth took a look at the huge network of beams and merchandise that covered the entire area like black clouds.

“Yes, it looks like a veritable mountain. In fact, even if a mountain was placed here I have no doubt that they can move it away in a short period of time. This equipment shows their lord’s astonishing attainments in engineering.” The old butler wiped his spectacles, “Such a magical place, but this isn’t our destination. You should go in and rest, young master…”

“Yes… This place isn’t where I should be…” The youngster’s voice grew gloomy as he left the pier with his knight. However, he hadn’t noticed that his temporary stop had attracted the attention of others…

Outside Port Venus, within the wizard tower atop the hill. Ernest had just raised his glasses, his head already covered with white hair as he looked extremely old and weak. Leylin had left him in charge of Faulen Island’s defence, giving him a majority of the control over the wizard tower.

“An interesting little fellow… It’s a pity I have no energy to play with you.” Ernest sighed from his wheelchair, a thick blanket spread across his lap with spirit-crafted ceramic teapots and cups beside him.

“Tower spirit, send this information to the Giant Serpent Church… The matter won’t be our problem anymore…” Ernest waved his hands, then closed his eyes slowly with graze. It seemed like he didn’t want to waste the slightest bit of energy.

“O’ time you are so ruthless and cunning, having stolen my memories yesterday but suddenly placing them in front of me today…’ he whispered softly, as if recalling something.

His mind’s eye showed him the appearance of his greatest disciple, the pride of his life. That young genius had advanced, becoming the youngest high-ranked wizard and legendary wizard as he broke the prejudice of the world against wizards. The rest of the world saw in him how a true genius rose to power, and now his student had already started to peek into the realm of the divine!

“O’ Oghma, God of Knowledge… I pray sincerely to you, hoping to receive enough time to witness his moment of glory!” Ernest took out an emblem from his chest and started praying.

Most wizards held weak faith, and Ernest himself had previously worshipped the Goddess of the Weave. Due to some unspeakable reasons, although he’d ended up changing his faith, he hadn’t joined the Giant Serpent Church. He instead turned towards the God of Knowledge, Oghma. After all, knowledge was power, wasn’t it?

Ernest did not know that the youngster and his butler would pull the attention of many other existences here, setting off a storm that would spread across the entire mainland before crossing over to multiple worlds…

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