Chapter 1110


“What? Your Excellency Leylin, do you know what you’re saying?” Ignox’s figure appeared in the abyss, a ring of darkness. Other conscients moved out as well, showing their interest in the matter.

Leylin inhaled a deep breath, “Of course I do. I have a way to get past the crystal sphere, and can already send those with power up to the Breaking Dawn realm past it. Transferring beings of laws is a problem, but I’m looking into it.”

“Interesting! Interesting!” Leylin felt several malicious intents descend on him immediately, wanting to pry open his mind.

“Get lost!” He grinned malevolently, bright red light from Dreamscape shining as a vertical eye appeared between his brows. The evil conscients wailed in anguishing instantly, retreating in haste.

“It’s the symbol of the Nightmare King!”

“No wonder he’s growing strong so fast, he isn’t beneath us rank 8 existences anymore…”

The many conscients...

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