Chapter 111

Contract Scroll

“Scan the stats of the Black Horrall Snake in front of me!”

Leylin ordered once again.

[Beep! Target stats: Strength: 18, Agility: 15, Vitality: 20, Spiritual force: 22.

Abilities - 1. Scales Defence: The Black Horrall Snake rhombus scales has a defensive force field encircling it at all times. Immune to physical and magical attacks under 5 degrees. Moreover, it has a huge negation towards attack of 5 degrees and more. 2. Shadow Stealth: Inheriting the Kemoyin Serpent’s shadow powers allows the Black Horrall Snake to enter into a stealth state anytime, withdrawing all signs of energy waves. 3. Lightning blaze: Emits a lightning flame from the horn. Estimated degree of attack: 12 to 15 degrees. Status: Extremely weak!]

“Stats like this…”

Leylin’s eyes widened, “It has long since surpassed the boundaries of a level 3 acolyte, and is most likely close to that of an official Magus?”

There were no records of the stats of official Magus in the A.I. Chip, so Leylin could only guess.

“Roth, careful! This is a Black Horrall Snake! Its might is...

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