Chapter 1109

Pouring In

‘Of course, most of the time you end up pleasing neither side if you try to please both. My finesse and ability are going to be put to the test… Power is still the most important.’ Leylin’s eyes flickered as he grasped the crux of it all, ‘Only a peak rank 8 power can force Dreamscape’s World Will to concede. That’ll be when I can deter the other Lords of Calamity as well, it’s the bottom line for this plan to work.’

The space between Leylin’s brows twitched slightly at this thought, and a bright red line appeared at that moment. Leylin’s soul flashed with radiance, almost instantly linking to the large and vast Dreamscape.

With a Lord of Calamity sacrificed to Dreamscape, Leylin was like a fish inside water in this world. His powerful soul force swept across the major regions.

‘Dreamforce is growing stronger as well, but it’s still very dangerous. Also…’ Leylin’s expression turned grim. He could sense the evil auras of the Lords of Calamity in the world, able to tell that those scattered beings had gathered in groups for protection. Their sealed lands had been linked together; they’d evidently discovered something.

Leylin’s current strength allowed him to deal with a single Lord of Calamity easily, but if they attacked him together he wouldn’t be able to handle them. There were no fools amongst the existences of laws. Even if Leylin had shrouded himself in mystery they’d still managed to find something off about the situation and put their guard up.

‘Looks like my plan of gaining an advantage by taking out a few Lords of Calamity won’t work…’ Leylin shook his head, but he didn’t find it particularly regretful. Even if Dreamscape’s World Will helped him reach the peak of rank 8, it wouldn’t be worthy of ecstasy. Borrowed power would never be his.

Dreamscape could give him a great many things, but it could also leave him with nothing in an instant. Only something he had obtained for himself was truly his! Leylin calmed his beating heart, heading not to Dreamscape but to the Magus World.

With Mother Core and other peak rank 8s in charge, the Magus World was completely calm and without any problems. Of course, to existences of laws nothing that didn’t affect their kind was a problem.

‘A few more organisations are fighting on the mainland in secret?’ As he gathered information, Leylin laughed and he shook his head. While the surface of the Magus World was under his jurisdiction, he couldn’t be bothered with ants fighting amongst themselves.

‘No matter how powerful their geniuses are, as long as they don’t grasp laws these organisations will remain useless… They were born in the wrong era…’ Leylin sighed at this conclusion, a trace of pity in his eyes.

Once the Final War resumed, these geniuses would not meet good fortune. It wouldn’t be possible for them to reach rank 7 so quickly, and even though they’d crawled their way up to becoming Morning Stars that only qualified them to be cannon fodder. Was there anything more unlucky than that?

Of course, there would be special cases of people who grew with battle, even peeking into the realm of laws. However, the chances of this were so low it was pitiful.

Targaryen Castle.

Flames from the Fiery World raged in the extraplanar laboratory, gigantic spell formations flickering with boiling heat. A thick layer of World Origin Force had been condensed into a pond at the core, showing the true form of the origin force weapon Leylin had poured his blood and sweat into for centuries.

A kingly aura seemed to radiate from the hazy fog, as if a terrifying primordial monster had awakened from its slumber. Rainbow lights flashed as an absolutely lethal weapon showed its appearance.

This weapon had all forms. It was a sword, a blade, a hammer, a lance, it was every weapon used in war. Every edge and corner was extremely sharp, making it seem like an assembly of all lethal weapons from ancient times to the present. This weapon didn’t even need to be waved around to cause damage, the sharpness of its aura alone could cause the surrounding space to fragment.

Noticing Leylin’s arrival, the weapon began to emit sharp sounds that gripped the heart and soul. Even rank 2 or 3 Magi would probably have their souls destroyed under this illusory attack.

“You can’t wait to be born?” Leylin smiled as he looked at the results, a satisfied smile appearing on his face, “It still isn’t time yet.”

With a wave of his hand, a surge of World Origin Force as terrifying as rivers and lakes in the world suddenly poured in, filling the World Pond in an instant. Everything seemed to be in a surplus compared to before.

The origin force weapon cheered, and greedily began to devour this origin force.

Leylin watched on while deep in thought, ‘With the supply from the Shadow World, it will probably surpass all divine weapons in the future and delight in consuming the fresh blood of the gods…’

The Magus World was obviously the most abundant in its origin force, followed by Dreamscape and the Shadow World. However, he could only pick up scraps in the Magus World, forced to share equally with a large number of beings of laws. Dreamscape treated Leylin like its child, and as for the Shadow World? Leylin was its owner, possessing a terrifying amount of authority over it!

Thus, he would be able to gather the most origin force from the Shadow World, followed by Dreamscape and the Magus World. This was the benefit of having a world to himself.

That wasn’t all, Leylin had something else prepared as well. He would shape this origin force weapon into a lethal weapon that would shake the astral plane!

“A.I. Chip!”

[Beep! Preparation for stripping of laws is now complete. Beginning infusion. Laws being stripped off: Calamity (27%), Decay (15%), Curse (1%), Shadow (33%).] The A.I. Chip loyally carried out Leylin’s orders.

The laws Leylin had devoured weren’t of much use to him, and they would only contaminate his path. It was necessary for him to remove them. With the help of the A.I. Chip, he could isolate his understanding completely and pass it on as a present, or sell it. It was similar to divine force and divinity in the World of Gods.

Of course, beings of law would pay an astronomical price for this comprehension. If, by chance, they needed these specific laws in the first place, they’d be able to give up anything!

However, this was too extravagant for Leylin. It was better for him to grasp his own laws. If these laws were unusable, he could just pour them into his weapon. An origin force weapon with the power of laws would then have the grandeur of a true divine weapon!

“Begin!” Leylin’s eyes immediately turned black as the rank 7 Targaryen phantom appeared behind him. With devilish wings, a single horn, vertical pupils and two claws, the winged serpent widened its huge mouth and spat out threads of darkness that fell into the pond, containing the laws of disaster, decay, and other powers that he’d comprehended.

The pool began to boil, and the origin force weapon at the centre roared out. Runic patterns crawled onto its body, physical proof that the laws were getting to work.

Pouring the power of laws inside the weapon was not something that could be done in a day or two. Leylin spent a total of three years emptying his useless laws into it, so much so that his truesoul seemed to weaken.

‘But it’s all worth it.’ Leylin took a look at the dark figure in the pool. The origin weapon had already lost its fierce aura, no longer showing off its power. Its splendour had been restrained, which only made it even more horrifying.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 7 Warlock, Bloodline: Targaryen(Rank 7). Strength: 275.11, Agility: 229.88, Vitality: 400.97, Spiritual Force: 653.19. State of Soul: Law Comprehension: Devouring (100%), Massacre (58%). Status: Origin Force saturated, unable to increase.]

‘The truesoul may grow weaker with the elimination of the extra laws, but it’s also sharper now.’ After getting rid of the laws that would contaminate his path, Leylin felt that his truesoul had now become more clear and sensitive, as if thirsting for more along its path.

‘This is shown before rank 8… Does that mean I’m at the peak of rank 7?’ Understanding arose in Leylin’s eyes. Rank 8 involved understanding multiple laws, later forming their own path based on these laws. He wasn’t confused about it anymore.

‘The path of a Magus cannot be altered once it’s set. Any extra laws will only corrupt the truesoul. All my confusion has been removed, and I can now see my path clearly. Everything else, my path to eternity, is in the World of Gods!’

“Soon! Soon!” Bright light flashed in Leylin’s eyes as he clenched his fists.


Leylin’s figure appeared in the seventh level of the subterranean world, and he sent a powerful surge of soul force out, “Mother Core!”

*Tok! Tok!* Dark red light appeared in the darkness, pulsing with power.

If one looked closer, they could see that this was a crimson gem made of lava, seeming like a vertical eye sitting at the core atop numerous vein. This was another form of Mother Core, different from before.

“Lord Leylin, you’re finally here!” Mother Core proclaimed loudly, not the least bit surprised at Leylin’s arrival.

“Yes. And I come with sincerity. The Final War is about to erupt once more, and I wish for your help!” Leylin spoke exceptionally sincerely.

“The Final War never ended. However, a few new variables have entered the scenario, about to make it more fierce…” Mother Core spoke as if making a prophecy.

“Mm, an opportunity’s arrived. I have a way to breach the crystal sphere,” Leylin admitted bluntly.

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