Chapter 1109

Pouring In

‘Of course, most of the time you end up pleasing neither side if you try to please both. My finesse and ability are going to be put to the test… Power is still the most important.’ Leylin’s eyes flickered as he grasped the crux of it all, ‘Only a peak rank 8 power can force Dreamscape’s World Will to concede. That’ll be when I can deter the other Lords of Calamity as well, it’s the bottom line for this plan to work.’

The space between Leylin’s brows twitched slightly at this thought, and a bright red line appeared at that moment. Leylin’s soul flashed with radiance, almost instantly linking to the large and vast Dreamscape.

With a Lord of Calamity sacrificed to Dreamscape, Leylin was like a fish inside water in this world. His powerful soul force swept across the major regions.

‘Dreamforce is growing stronger as well, but it’s still very dangerous. Also…’ Leylin’s expression turned grim. He could sense the evil auras of the Lords of Calamity...

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