Chapter 1107


Leylin gazed at the World Tree, his face filled with awe. Rumour had it that this was the source of all life. Only once life formed in a world would all thoughts gather to form its will.

Shar had used all sorts of impossible schemes to gain control of the intellectual beings of the Shadow World, using the Weave to gather all conscients and rob the beings of law of all authority. She’d managed to reverse origin, purifying the World Will and giving it form.

Leylin didn’t think he’d be able to do it better himself. This World Fruit undoubtedly represented a complete World Will, and the moment Shar ate it she would instantly reach the peak of rank 8 and sweep through everything.

This was directly against Leylin’s interests. Given that she was an enemy anyway, Leylin didn’t hesitate to step out.

“What a pity… We still became enemies in the end. I thought you would make the more rational decision,” Shar was obviously...

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