Chapter 1107


Leylin gazed at the World Tree, his face filled with awe. Rumour had it that this was the source of all life. Only once life formed in a world would all thoughts gather to form its will.

Shar had used all sorts of impossible schemes to gain control of the intellectual beings of the Shadow World, using the Weave to gather all conscients and rob the beings of law of all authority. She’d managed to reverse origin, purifying the World Will and giving it form.

Leylin didn’t think he’d be able to do it better himself. This World Fruit undoubtedly represented a complete World Will, and the moment Shar ate it she would instantly reach the peak of rank 8 and sweep through everything.

This was directly against Leylin’s interests. Given that she was an enemy anyway, Leylin didn’t hesitate to step out.

“What a pity… We still became enemies in the end. I thought you would make the more rational decision,” Shar was obviously disappointed.

“My apologies…” Leylin’s expression did not change as he walked to stand by the Snake Dowager.

“Then I’m sorry, but you’ll have to fall here!” Shar’s expression instantly turned cold as she aimed a finger at Leylin!

*Rumble!* Terrifying! Vast! Seemingly limitless origin force crashed down on Leylin with the weight of the world, nearly crushing him to powder in an instant.

Shar didn’t spare him another glance as he arrived before the World Tree that was radiating life. The fruit was already mature, about to fall any moment.

Shar knew very well that obtaining the complete World Will was the most important part of her plan. As long as she could devour it, she would be unafraid of any challenges. Even if Leylin announced her existence and brought other peak rank 8 Magi to besiege her, she could force all of them to return home in defeat as long as she stayed here.

After reaching the peak of rank 8, she had plenty of time to deal with Leylin.

“A very smart decision!” When faced with such terrifying pressure, Leylin could only sigh helplessly.

“Things are already so bad. If you have any trump cards, get them out now!” The Snake Dowager took a look a Leylin, eyeing him flirtatiously.

“You think too highly of me!” Leylin laughed helplessly while stroking his chin.

“If you don’t have any confidence you’ll be able to turn the tables, your only option now is to run as far as you can.” The Snake Dowager was unexpectedly more confident in Leylin than herself.

“That’s true…” Leylin took a look at the A.I. Chip, the top-most record on the task schedule extremely striking. [Beep! Progress of analysis of rank 0 to 9 of Shadow Weave: 100%.]

‘Let’s see what you’ve left me, Distorted Shadow…’ Lightning flashed in Leylin’s eyes, and the surrounding atmosphere suddenly grew mysterious and terrifying. The Snake Dowager looked at Leylin with shock before moving backwards greatly.

“Hah…” Leylin cried out under his breath, terrifying power of laws sending a great amount of energy into the spell.

This spell model was extremely unique. It was the only rank 12 arcane spell in existence, Karsus’ Avatar.

The A.I. Chip operated frantically, recording large amounts of data.

[Beep! Host body is a great arcanist. Analysis of Shadow Weave at 100%. Meets prerequisites.]

[Bee! Charging of energy complete. Arcane spell model launching.]

[Grade 12 arcane spell: Karsus’ Avatar, launched!]

The skies turned gloomy all of a sudden, and the world was brought to a standstill.

‘This again. That feeling of fatal danger!’ Shar’s expression quickly changed as she trained her eyes in Leylin’s direction, not letting any of his movements escape her view as she grabbed at the World Fruit.

*Crack! Crack!* Great numbers of cracks began to appear on that crystal in the sea of origin force. The young girl sealed within it opened her eyes, a trace of terror appearing on her face.

“Your greatest mistake, Shar, was to fuse the Tree of Life with the Weave.” Leylin rose to the skies, a resplendent arcane spell forming in his hands.

“Target the Shadow Weave. Karsus’ Avatar!”

*Rumble!* Shar’s expression changed in that moment, her body freezing and growing slightly transparent. It was evident that she’d been injured heavily.

“AAAHH!” She clutched at her head as she released piercing screams, “MY WEAVE… YOU ACTUALLY STOLE MY WEAVE!”

Even though Shar had known that Leylin had a trump card in his possession, she’d never have guessed that it had to do with the Shadow Weave. The ability to strip her of her control was far too shocking.

Whatever her feelings may be, the Shadow Weave that Shar had put painstaking effort into creating had been stolen by an outsider just like that. Even the Snake Dowager was stupefied.

Shar would already have fallen if she was Mystra. However, she was lucky that she’d changed her own origin, shifting onto the path of the Magi. Still, losing the Weave caused her immense and unimaginable harm.

If Shar was in this situation, Leylin had it even worse.

‘Rank 8! This Karsus’ Avatar is definitely a rank 8 Magus spell!’ Leylin’s face was flushed. The A.I. Chip sped up further as it accepted more information about the Shadow Weave, large amounts of data flashing across his mind. If not for his body of laws and experience in the area, the only possible result of this spell would be an explosion of his brain!

‘Distorted Shadow definitely had malicious intent!’ Leylin was now certain about this. There was nothing wrong with the arcane spell itself, but the problem was who would take over control of the Weave.

After breaking away from Shar’s control, the Shadow Weave immediately went berserk, giving Leylin the impression that it was like a high voltage electrical network. And now, he actually would have to use his own two hands and placate this power grid!

‘Nobody but the Weave’s original controller can take control of it in an instant. Be it a great arcanist or a being of laws, forcing control would only cause them to die alongside it. It isn’t even possible to stop and save your skin…’

Leylin had once thought that the advantage of his main body and the support of the A.I. Chip would make it simple to replace the Goddess of the Weave. However, he now knew that his conjectures were completely off!

If just the Shadow Weave could render him in this state, then the true Weave that extended throughout the World of Gods could only be more terrifying! With his current strength, launching this arcane spell could possibly mean nothing would be left of him; he would basically be doing free labour for Distorted Shadow!

‘As expected of a sly Magus from ancient times. He hid something in that arcane spell that even the A.I. Chip couldn’t simulate…’

Cold sweat beaded down Leylin’s face. If not for this practical test using the Shadow Weave, he’d likely have been tricked into death in the World of Gods. Sacrificing himself to help others was definitely not his style.

‘But… with this data, I’ll be able to right the mistakes from before…’ The Shadow Weave was inferior to the real Weave, but with one experience of such a terrifying change Leylin had something he could work with.

“Get over here!” The Shadow Weave was now entirely under his control. Being founded atop the Weave, the World Tree was naturally his as well.

In a moment, the World Tree abandoned Shar and became Leylin’s. With most of her strength lost to the grievous injuries, she could do nothing to stop it.

“The last step!” Leylin pulled at the air with two hands, and the origin Weave of the Shadow World came into view.

“With the Shadow Weave as the offering, mature!”

*Rumble!* A pair of hands made of primal chaos erupted from a part of the World Tree, grabbing the purplish gold Weave and kneading it into a bundle before disappearing back inside.

Leylin felt no regret when it came to the Shadow Weave. He could also make use of this opportunity and rid himself of this high-pressure electrical network.

The World Tree finished the final stages of its growth with the Weave, placing its terrifying web of roots into the World as its lush branches took the place of the original Weave.

“This is the final implantation plan…” Leylin sighed and approached the World Tree. The fruit had now grown murky, containing authority over the entire world.

‘This is a World Will, concentrated to the limit and completely solidified!’ Leylin had a mysterious lustre in his eyes as he reached out and plucked the World Fruit, “Holding it is akin to holding a whole world…”

Leylin couldn’t help but grow intoxicated by the feeling of having an entire world in his grasp. The fruit that Shar had painstakingly cultivated had become the greatest of his profits!

The moment he consumed it Leylin would instantly become a peak rank 8 existence, gaining control of the entire Shadow World. It would make him the world’s master, and give him an extremely long life. Unless the Shadow World was destroyed, he would never fall.

The Shadow World was a large world itself, and without any disasters that could destroy the astral plane itself it definitely wouldn’t face any problems. In other words, if he willed it Leylin could obtain terrifying power and lifespan in an instant, living as long as the astral plane itself! This was definitely a huge temptation for any Magus, something everyone spent most of their lives pursuing.

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