Chapter 1105


“You’ve always been like this, Allsnake… Hoping for help and allies, remaining unaware that the most reliable support is yourself…” Shar revealed a bizarre smile as her eyes scanned the Snake Dowager’s surroundings. “What about that Magus ally of yours?”

The Snake Dowager’s expression changed immediately upon Leylin’s mention. “Have you reached an agreement with him?”

Leylin was the ally she placed the most importance on, someone she valued more than the other three rank 8 existences. It might’ve been because she’d previously suffered at his hands.

“Nope! But since he decided not to show up, I can feel at ease when dealing with you…” A sincere smile appeared on Shar’s face, the terrifying killing intent causing the skies to darken as snow fell to the earth.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking…” The Snake Dowager had resolved herself to kill.

*Whoosh!* A layer of obscure black wind instantly engulfed the entire Shadow World. The Snake Dowager...

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