Chapter 1104


As he threw this punch, Xavier was exceptionally certain that he’d reached the peak of his power. All his power, his hot-bloodedness, his emotions, everything had been gathered into this one punch, containing the hopes, of Crowley, Bobbi, Clive, and all the rest.

Crowley would’ve had a better chance at breaking these pearls. However, Xavier knew very well that he himself wasn’t powerful enough to stop the Tree of Life. If they switched places, he wouldn’t even have a chance to raise his fist. The Tree of Life would eliminate him instantly, and Crowley would lose his chance to attack.

This was why Crowley and the rest had placed their hopes for the world on him, and Xavier understood this enough to throw his everything into the punch. He was confident that even a fort made entirely of steel would be destroyed by this one blow.

*Clang!* His fist collided with the outer...

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