Chapter 1103


Perhaps it was because of the bizarreness of the recent events, Bobbi just accepted Crowley’s regeneration with some elation. He managed to help the others upon his return, killing Night Devil and Sword Saint before moving to the final battleground.

It was there that he saw the elegant and imposing metal tower, with the needle-topped tubes surrounding it seemingly alive.

“Crowley! Hurry!” The large metal pipes moved once more, stopping Xavier outside the tree. There were numerous wounds on his body, but the youth continued to sprint forward as he headed for the tower with pearls.

“The Tree of Life!” The tree’s huge roots had spread throughout the top of the tower, its huge branches covering the skies and making for a vantage point over the entire empire.

There was a crimson glow on the tree’s bark, forming a vague image of a face filled with madness.


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