Chapter 1101


Three groups merged inside the palace. Xavier looked at a wounded Clive and revealed a smile, “Well done, Mister Clive! We have one last target remaining!”

“Mm. Javis told me about the Emperor’s arrangement, and a backdoor to manipulate the robots before he… died…” Clive wasn’t smiling. His expression had a trace of loneliness. “He could’ve killed me, I didn’t expect him to back off so suddenly at the end… He’s so pitiful…”

“Everything was caused by the Empire. We’re here to correct that mistake!” Crowley and Bobbi came over, looking resolute.

“We don’t have much time! The Tree of Life is over there!” They could already see a white beam rising from within the palace, connecting with the skies to release a shocking glow of light.

“Snakebite Fist— Ultimate Snakebite!” Black energy roared forth from Xavier’s fist, the terrifying destructive energy it contained even surpassing...

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