Chapter 1100

Break Through

By this time, the rebel army had successfully infiltrated the capital under Clive’s lead. They were heading towards the palace as Clive’s communication device rang out. Several words were transmitted over, causing Clive’s facial expression to change immediately.

“It’s a code from the palace, we’ve been found out! The palace has been closed down, and the imperial forces were mobilised…” Clive’s expression grew unsightly, “Without those insiders it’ll be much more difficult for us to break into the palace…”

“We didn’t expect to avoid much trouble in the first place. In fact, just being able to infiltrate the capital is worth being excited over, isn’t it?” Crowley looked behind him.

They were currently in the capital’s streets, those behind them all bloodline carriers and warriors armed with firearms, along with a portion of the military. This motley crowd radiated grandeur as they...

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