Chapter 110

Black Horrall Snake

“Indeed! The Poolfield Kingdom does have such traditions!” Bosain’s eyes gleamed.

“Let’s try again!”

He went to one of the captives directly. It was a blue-haired kid which had not matured yet. “Be honoured kiddo! Being able to make contributions in front of mighty magicians!”

Bosain smirked, and immediately cut the ropes that were tying the boy.

“Put this on well, better yet put it at the place 30 centimetres below your collar!” Leylin immediately plucked a Beta Daisy flower and inserted it into the boy’s collars.

“All preparatory work is work! Roth and Shaya, be careful!” Jayden roared into the receiver.

“Three, two, and one! Release!”

Bosain grabbed onto the boy’s hair with an arm and walked towards the edge of the cliff. Looking at the boy who was flailing, he smirked and let go of his hand.


The little boy spit off the thing stuffed in his mouth and let off a horrified scream!

After which, both his hands waved wildly as if a drowned person...

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