Chapter 1099


Crowley’s oratory wasn’t particularly outstanding. It neither caused their blood to boil nor attracted their attention. By all rights the speech was a failure that couldn’t even fool little kids.

Fortunately, he had great assistance. The Shadow Empire’s recent actions had enraged the heavens and the peoples. Project X and the Tree of Life Project were too wide-spread, affecting everyone be they nobles, peasants, or prisoners. The upper class couldn’t be blamed for instigating a rebellion.

If someone was disturbed in the comfort of their home by a stranger who told them they were but clones who would be assimilated to a whole, and that they’d become complete idiots, it was only to be expected that they’d grow mad. This was just a disaster occurring in broad daylight.

Although this wasn’t really the fault of the imperial family, the others would still lump them together. The...

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