Chapter 1098


“Indeed!” The Snake Dowager looked at the board and nodded before she turned towards Crowley.

“You are henceforth my representative, able to command all rebel forces.” Dark red bloodline force formed a serpentine black eye that surrounded Crowley, causing his strength to rise several degrees once more.

“Yes, Mistress. Your will is my command!” Crowley knelt down.

“You go follow him,” Leylin told the slightly fervent Xavier.

“Re– Really? Thank you, Master!” Xavier hurriedly responded. The unbearable pressure had made him subservient somewhere along the line, especially now that he was in the presence of two of these terrifying existences.

“You served us well, so here’s a tidbit of information. Your sister is currently inside the palace as well. Try harder, kid!” Xavier hadn’t left yet, and this news caused his body to tremble as he picked up his pace.

Once the two of them left, a...

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