Chapter 1097

Chess Piece

“The contract requires us to rescue them. You’re not getting ready to move?” The Snake Dowager stared at Leylin with her beautiful eyes. The power of law surrounding them was weakening, their powers being chipped away.

This was the penalty for violating the agreement. Still, it didn’t contain any malice or deliberate harm, only causing a slight drop in power which Leylin could handle.

“Not now. Shar has control of the situation, and within the Shadow World itself she’s currently invincible,” Leylin heavily shook his head.

Shar was a shrewd goddess, with a plan to solve all her problems in one fell swoop. She would surely have her ways to handle Leylin and the Snake Dowager, so if they rushed forward now they would effectively be falling into her trap. Even the Snake Dowager had no choice but to be prudent when facing this crazy and savage goddess.

“I feel the same way…” the Snake Dowager sighed.

But then,...

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