Chapter 1096


”No matter what, we should at least try. If not our future plans will be more difficult to enact.” The Snake Dowager smiled wryly as she whispered a few words into the Jar Spectre imprint. Two beings of law looked towards the sky from a balcony in a red villa, their gaze piercing across the horizon as they peered into a cosmic battle.

The Snake Dowager turned her head suddenly and asked Leylin, “Say… What is Shar scheming?”

“Hmm…” Leylin rubbed his chin. “It’s very hard to kill a rank 8 even if they’re not strong at battles. They’re very tenacious, and even heavily injuring an opponent at that level is a great accomplishment…

“However, Shar’s different. She has extremely wild ambitions, so her goal won’t be so simple. Her greatest power is the support of the Shadow World and Shadow Weave…” Leylin’s eyes brightened, “Could she pull all her enemies at once into the...

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