Chapter 1095

Taking the Initiative

The Snake Dowager was exceedingly protective of her descendants in the Shadow World. She’d even especially asked Leylin to suppress any possible chaos in the organisations with extraordinary strength, guiding them to the capital. Leylin could sense something strange from this.

“I and a few others are the source of all the extraordinary power in the Shadow World, so these descendants will be quite useful…” That was how the Dowager explained it, but before she could finish speaking Leylin’s expression changed.

The entirety of the Shadow World began to howl out, and a huge net of purple and gold materialised all over it, full of an enchanting beauty.

“The origin force of the world is boiling… What is the Mistress of the Night up to?” The Snake Dowager muttered.

“I’m afraid she wants to deal with our allies, and also pull us into her trap. Remember my prediction just now?” Leylin now looked grim.

“Have Trial’s Eye and the others been discovered already?”...

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