Chapter 1094


“Let’s discuss this after we leave. The story is quite bizarre, almost like a fairy tale…” Crowley touched his head and laughed bitterly, “Also, I’m working under a mighty lady right now. If you meet her, remember to… Nevermind, I doubt you’ll need me to tell you.”

“Crowley!” Xavier rushed towards Crowley, “I... I...”

Without his knowledge, the words had gotten stuck in his throat, He couldn’t spit it out, and his face turned red in embarrassment.

“I rescued your parents. However…” A trace of regret surfaced on Crowley’s face, “I couldn’t find Jill… I’m sorry…”

“Alright… These are all minor details. Let’s leave this place immediately.” Contacting Genius, Bobbi slapped the head of the depressed Xavier and shouted, “The imperial guards will surround us in five minutes. Get a move on, let’s break out!”


Imperial capital Kerallen, inside the palace.

“This is the recording from the attack on the Silver Mountain Research Institute,”...

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