Chapter 1094


“Let’s discuss this after we leave. The story is quite bizarre, almost like a fairy tale…” Crowley touched his head and laughed bitterly, “Also, I’m working under a mighty lady right now. If you meet her, remember to… Nevermind, I doubt you’ll need me to tell you.”

“Crowley!” Xavier rushed towards Crowley, “I... I...”

Without his knowledge, the words had gotten stuck in his throat, He couldn’t spit it out, and his face turned red in embarrassment.

“I rescued your parents. However…” A trace of regret surfaced on Crowley’s face, “I couldn’t find Jill… I’m sorry…”

“Alright… These are all minor details. Let’s leave this place immediately.” Contacting Genius, Bobbi slapped the head of the depressed Xavier and shouted, “The imperial guards will surround us in five minutes. Get a move on, let’s break out!”


Imperial capital Kerallen, inside the palace.

“This is the recording from the attack on the Silver Mountain Research Institute,” Ling reported to her father, pulling out a projection of Crowley surrounded by shadows.

This man named Aragon, the graceful master of the Shadow Empire who had greying hair, was filled with serenity. The imperial army’s lack of a result or the significant losses encountered by the Special Forces weren’t of much importance to him.

“Hand these issues over to the garrison and military to handle. Your only goal right now should be the project. Understood?“ A faint trace of reprimand could be detected from Emperor Aragon’s tone.

“I understand,” Ling complied, and she went on to another report, “I found another suitable body that resonates with the project.”

“Oh? Let me look at it now!” Emperor Aragon emperor’s fervent attitude was so frightful that even Ling felt fear.

”I ordered the Special Forces to bring her here, and a series of tests revealed that the purity of her soul is extremely high. She can completely withstand the effects of the eye array and the converter.”

Ling presented an image of a curled-up young girl in an incubator, traces of tears still on her face with closed eyes. This was Xavier’s sister— Jill!

“Very well… Haha… You’ve done well…” Emperor Aragon did not care about the other party’s origins nor her suffering, looking at the data and research results. The joy was evident on his face.

“She’s the twelfth, and with that the foundation for the Tree of Life project is complete. You’ve done well, Ling, no wonder you’re the daughter I dote on the most.”

Emperor Aragon aimed to dominate the conscience of the extraordinary being formed by the Tree of Life, obtaining the power to fight the control of the Mistress of the Night. However, such a thing was very difficult to do, especially with the complex emotions arising from so many humans. He wouldn’t be able to digest all that power himself.

Thus, he had to establish a few transfer nodes to absorb a significant amount of insanity and evil, making the process much easier. Research showed the empire that the soul refining array required twelve females with extremely pure souls, the kind only present in young children. It would allow them to call upon their strength to purify the evil.

As for what happened next, and whether those souls could withstand the tremendous pressure or dissipate under the load, Aragon had no need to consider it. After all, these young ladies should actually be excited to sacrifice their lives for such a significant cause.

It took a while for the Emperor to subdue his excitement. However, the first sentence he spoke afterwards shocked everyone, “Find a chance to make a report to that fellow. The empire’s preparations are complete.”

‘We’re finally about to begin?’ Ling looked at the emperor’s face. Although he seemed tranquil on the surface, the flames in his eyes could not be concealed.

The prophet’s eyes and the mermaid’s scales ensured that Aragon had no need to hide anything anyway. He managed to hide his emotions from the outside world, and not even the empress or his other daughters could realise that anything was unusual. This was a fundamental requirement for one to become an emperor.


“Why bring me here?” Xavier asked Crowley, looking in puzzlement at the man. Ever since he came back, this man in front of him had been acting quite strangely. The atmosphere around him had become more daunting, yes, but it also seemed like he’d acquired another master. Bobbi had ended up bringing him out of the base to confront him directly.

“Sigh…” Crowley scratched his head, smiling bitterly. “Some things you only believe if you can see them. Rest assured that I won’t harm you. In fact, if we manage to get that person’s assistance the chances that we’ll be able to save Jill will grow tremendously…”

“Are you serious?” Xavier’s face filled up with disbelief.

“I’m your bloodline ancestor, and have lived for longer than five hundred years. I will not harm you!” With this issue being brought up, Xavier could do naught but roll his eyes in secret.

Crowley soon brought Xavier to the entrance of a red villa at the outskirts of the imperial capital.

“This is an estate I purchased during my travels. It’s written to the accounts of a housekeeper and my progeny, so it’s very safe…” Crowley’s voice contained a prideful tone. “My master, the great lady I serve with all my heart, is currently within…”

“I feel something abnormal…” Xavier felt like his legs had gone soft, and he tried to leave. The blood in his body suddenly ran rampant, causing his eyes to turn scarlet. A few fine scales emerged on his face and the back of his hands.

“Bloodline Ressonance!“ he spat out with an expression of stone, his speech like the hissing of a snake. The red villa in his line of sight had turned into a blood red whirlpool, attracting him to no end.

His free will fought back without break, but his resistance was growing weaker. He almost entirely gave up.

“Alright… Allsnake, stop oppressing your juniors the first time you meet them. You did the same thing when I first met you…” Just as Xavier couldn’t hold on any longer, a voice broke the pressure on him. The villa returned to normal in his eyes, as if what he’d just experienced was but an illusion.

‘Wait, I know this voice!’ Xavier turned his head, only to see a cloaked Leylin wielding a black staff.

“Ley? Why are you here?” He’d had a deep impression of this man who’d displayed astonishing ability during the greater proficiency test.

“Hello! Long time no see, gentlemen.” Leylin laughed as he avoided Xavier’s question.

“Wait… He is very suspicious!” Unlike Xavier, Crowley was deeply vigilant against Leylin. However, this attitude flipped completely as he heard something, and he turned humble as he continued, “Welcome, mighty existence. Mistress Snake Dowager is waiting for you inside…”

“Alright!” Leylin did not exhibit any courtesy, immediately treating Crowley like a servant as he passed his hat and staff to the man. Following Crowley’s lead, he arrived at where the Snake Dowager was.

“Your Majesty!” the Snake Dowager nodded her head, and Crowley automatically moved to her side like a proper servant. Everything about her was so alluring, allowing her to become the centre of attention regardless of where she was.

“This... This… This…” Xavier’s eyes were wide open and bloodshot. His heart was beating so rapidly blood was leaking from his pores. “This feeling… Why?”

“That is the Snake Dowager. She’s the origin of your bloodline, so you’ll enter such a state whenever you meet her. The only way out is to become a being of laws, breaking away from her control completely…” Leylin explained with a smile.

“Are you trying to play tricks on me right now?” The Snake Dowager threw Leylin a glance. Still, even when she flared up she contained amazing charm. Crowley turned away immediately, as if he knew that he’d make a fool of himself if he continued looking.

“Alright. Crowley, take my descendant downstairs, I’m aware of why you’re here. I have something more important to discuss with Lord Leylin right now…” the Snake Dowager ordered.

To Crowley and Xavier, the instructions from their origin of bloodline held the utmost importance. They would follow through even if it cost them their lives.

Crowley saluted to the Snake Dowager and Leylin, supporting Xavier as they moved out. Leylin and the Snake Dowager were left alone in the place.

“This is the first time out real bodies met in the Shadow World, no? If the Mistress of the Night discovers us this is probably a great chance for her to solve everything in one go…” Leylin had a joking smile on his face. However, just after he spoke those words he showed a startled look, and seemed to fall into thought.

Every action performed by a being of law had a far-reaching impact on the world. Even the words they spoke would be prophetic. Of course, the possibility that these prophecies came true hinged on many other factors as well, especially considering similarly powerful beings.

“Her hold over the Shadow World is quite weak right now. It allowed me to do quite some things…” The Snake Dowager blinked her watery pupils, and her gaze seemed to ripple with endless flirtation.

“I followed the plan as well. The Coven of Witches, Martial Arts Association, and the Knights of the Round Table have been suppressed, and at the same time I leaked some inside news to them. They should be rushing towards the capital right now, although I don’t know how much use they’ll be…“

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