Chapter 1093

To Meet Again

“They plan to eliminate ordinary human beings with genetic manipulation, using the Tree of Life to control their minds and turn the whole world into a puppet. This wickedness… It far exceeds even the worst cruelties the ancient empire ever inflicted on its people.”

There was a look of righteousness on Clive’s face, “Some of the military who had access to project details couldn’t accept it. We formed a secret organisation, uniting our forces to resist the decadence that has taken over the imperial family!”

Clive turned redder and redder as he spoke, his voice growing higher in pitch. Without the protection of the pulse jammer, they probably would have attracted attention.

Although she more or less believed the other party, Bobbi still sneered as she crossed her arms, “It’s a pity that your brother doesn’t know about this.”

Hearing that mentioned, Clive turned helpless as his expression filled with...

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