Chapter 1092


Ling sighed once more as she looked at her father behind the table. She felt like the person was a stranger.

And yet, she deeply understood his insanity. After all, the degree to which that person behind the scenes had oppressed their imperial family was ingrained into their very bones! She still remembered the shock she’d felt when she heard of the incident at a young age, being aghast at the kind of sacrifices the imperial family had to make to break away from control.

More crucially, her background and bloodline only allowed her to stand in the same faction as her father.

‘That master intends to control everything, turning the whole world into something that belongs to her alone without caring for the ants seeking refuge in it.’ In her heart, Ling could only smile with helplessness. The only thing she could do now was to dedicate her all to bringing this project to fruition, to helping her father. It was a horrible feeling, like she was piloting a broken...

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