Chapter 1092


Ling sighed once more as she looked at her father behind the table. She felt like the person was a stranger.

And yet, she deeply understood his insanity. After all, the degree to which that person behind the scenes had oppressed their imperial family was ingrained into their very bones! She still remembered the shock she’d felt when she heard of the incident at a young age, being aghast at the kind of sacrifices the imperial family had to make to break away from control.

More crucially, her background and bloodline only allowed her to stand in the same faction as her father.

‘That master intends to control everything, turning the whole world into something that belongs to her alone without caring for the ants seeking refuge in it.’ In her heart, Ling could only smile with helplessness. The only thing she could do now was to dedicate her all to bringing this project to fruition, to helping her father. It was a horrible feeling, like she was piloting a broken canoe in the largest of seas. No, it was much more terrifying than that!

She understood that if the other party were to strike first, the whole imperial family would be destroyed in a moment’s time. Perhaps they knew about it long ago but didn’t pay much attention. Humans didn’t care much about ants fighting either.

Ling tried to console herself internally.


Xavier’s body was wrapped up in a black cloak. He was staring at the dim lights in the vast advanced city, clenching his fists as he spoke, “Kerallen! I’m coming!”

“Heh... we have good news!” Genius came over, seated in his wheelchair. “Our branch members managed to pull your parents out safely, they’re currently en route here as we speak.”

“Oh? That’s great, thank you Genius!” Xavier sincerely gave his thanks.

“Ha Ha …. You don't have to be grateful to me, this were all Sister Bobbi’s orders,” Genius glanced around him like a thief, moving closer to Xavier and whispering, “I didn’t expect that she cared so much about Crowley despite how she acts aloof on the surface…”

*Bang!* A ray of heat brushed past Genius’ ears, caught by Xavier with his bare hands. It was an extremely hot piece of stones, the edges of which were about to melt.

“The next one will be aimed directly at your smelly mouth,” Bobbi said in a cold voice.

“I got it!” Genius made a gesture of sealing his mouth. He then pointed at Xavier’s palm, trying to shift attention towards him again. “Look! Xavier’s improved again!” he said with an exaggerated expression.

“Indeed…” Xavier looked at his palm, the surface of which was covered in a layer of fine black scales that were emitting a dark light. He’d earlier relied on this protection to be unscathed as he blocked Bobbi’s attack.

“This terrifying improvement… It’s growing faster and faster…” Xavier muttered. He could feel his bloodline roiling every day as his body strength leaped up.

“Yes, it is good. You’re about 70 to 80 percent as strong as that smelly snake now, enough to be dispatched as a trump card.” Bobbi was dressed in military uniform, and she arrived to stand between Genius and Xavier.

“Is there any news from Crowley?” Xavier asked Genius.

“Our communication with the eastern seas has been severed completely. The last we heard, they met with an attack by the imperial guards in the vicinity. Their luck is terrible— to meet a core member of the imperial family nearby……”

Genius shook his head, “The latest news from the three-eyed crow says that the empire’s troops released a public list of rebels who were eliminated in the encounter. Witch Maya, Steel Man, and Tian Can from the Martial Arts Association… The good news is that there’s no information about Crowley right now…”

However, the deaths of three leaders was enough to intimidate the other forces. After all, only after thoroughly understanding how strong these people were would they be able to know how terrifying the Shadow Empire was.

“We can’t say anything about Steel Man and Tian Can, but Maya wasn’t killed by the enemy. I’ve been in contact with the Witch Association, she should’ve been killed by a dangerous prophecy. She already arranged everything and selected her successor before she left.”

Bobbi shook her head. Witch Maya could be considered a person of repute.

“So it seems that she already had a premonition while heading towards the Eastern Seas. Why did she head there after knowing what would happen…” Genius touched his jaw.

*Beep Beep!* Suddenly, one of the handles on his wheelchair opened and revealed a screen with a blinking warning light.

“Blood Nest, Blood Nest! We’re Transport Fleet 3. We’re facing an attack from the Special Forces near the Black Onyx Lake. Requesting assistance. I repeat, requesting assistance!”

“Blood Nest! Blood Nest…”

The current situation of the other party was extremely precarious, and red light flashed intensely on the screen.

“Aren’t my parents on that fleet?” Xavier clenched his fists, causing a trace of powdered stone to fall from the gaps between his fingers.

“Hateful… I’d originally thought that saving Jill could allow us to have a family reunion in the capital…” His pupil slightly turned red. He rushed out immediately, “I’m leaving!”

“Such a troublesome little brat, I hate being a babysitter the most!” Bobbi cursed, “Genius, prepare a rescue team according to Transport Fleet 3’s situation.” Soon after, her silhouette suddenly changed into a hurricane and she followed behind Xavier.

“Sigh… all of you are the same, why is the one staying behind always me…” Genius sighed, and following that a layer of the earth beneath him suddenly split apart to reveal an elevator. Following Genius sighing, the layer of soil beneath suddenly split opened and revealed an elevator. A few kilometres of travel later, a large base surfaced in his eyes.

“Everyone, attention! An urgent rescue mission is in operation!” Seated in the central control room, Genius spoke with a serious tone. The whole base turned orderly in a moment’s time.

Most members of the Bloodline Alliance owned an untainted citizenship record, thus receiving an advantage when in the face of the Imperial’s inspection. This time around, the transport fleet had been disguised as a tourist bus, littered with young children and elders. Outsiders wouldn’t link them with the enemy, so their guard would be reduced.

Unfortunately, a problem arose this time around. When Xavier rushed to Black Onyx Lake, what he saw was three overturned tourist buses, and the flames on the body of the tourist bus sign seemed to be laughing at his incompetence

“Looks like they were all taken away. They should’ve met the capture team of the Special Forces, not the extermination team. There’s still hope for their survival.” Bobbi rushed to Xavier’s side and grabbed his shoulders, apparently warning him not to be rash With a large number of policement sealing the scene, they couldn’t be sure that there weren’t any Special Forces members lingering in secret.

Biting his teeth, Xavier managed to squeeze out one word, “Alright!”

As the two of them slowly left, a middle-aged man blocked Xavier’s path, “Young man! It seems like you need help?”

“Javis!” Bobbi suddenly cried out in puzzlement, and Xavier’s own subconscious reaction was to attack. Snakebite Fist activated suddenly, and a sharp cry sounded out as he shot forth. After all, with all the current propaganda Javis was synonymous with the devil to the Bloodline Alliance!

Shadow Arm!

The middle-aged man’s arms flashed rapidly, as two black metal arms extended from behind him to form a cross that managed to block Xavier’s attacks.

“I’m not Javis. You have to believe in me right now!" The man’s way of speaking could convince people. He pointed at their surroundings, where Xavier’s actions had attracted the attention of the neighboring police and a few observers.

“Let me handle this.” The man walked to the policemen with a smile, showing them an ID and speaking a few words. They turned to leave, and he saluted them.

“Hmm? Is that sufficient to show my sincerity? If I had any bad intentions, all I had to do was shout,” the man laughed bitterly.

“Indeed, you’re not Javis. However, such high level Rapid Shadows are only used by the army, and they have unique ways of masking their identities. I’m afraid you’re nothing better.” Bobbi snorted coldly, but she didn’t immediately leave.

“Follow me!” The middle-aged guy laughed bitterly, leading the way and bringing the two of them to a secluded place.

*Bang!* An electronic ball was suddenly suspended from his hands, emitting a layer of translucent energy that isolated the area.

“With that taken care of, we can speak at ease…” The middle-aged guy took the initiative to explain.

Right now, Xavier has also discovered a slight difference in this man. Although he looked quite similar to Javis, the greying hair at his sideburns showed that he was obviously older.

“That’s the shadow pulse jammer developed by the army! You’re a military official!” Bobbi said with certainty.

“Add former to that. I was once the head of the anti-air team at headquarters, but now I’m just a glorified retiree, an unemployed uncle…” He laughed bitterly once more, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Clive, I’m Javis’ older brother.”

“Hmm… We do have intel about a Clive. However, why would you abandon the empire and your little brother to help us?” Although Bobbi obviously wanted to rope in the other party, she knew how terrifying it was to have a someone with ulterior motives hidden beside you. Her eyes were thus filled with vigilance.

“I naturally intended to be loyal to the country at first. But then I retired, and I used my previous connections to get the Project X plans from Javis. I have to prevent that from happening!” Clive's face was filled with sincerity.

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