Chapter 1091


High in the skies, a semiplane had been opened up temporarily. Leylin’s main body opened his eyes within, seeing the mark of a two-eared jar in front. A trace of laws burst forth, activating the imprint.

The Jar Spectre was a being of laws who’d existed since the era of the Snake Dowager. Rumour had it that it could hear sounds from all over the Shadow World, regardless of who it was. The Snake Dowager had made use of this fact, collecting its body’s fragments and turning them into imprints that could be used for secure communication.

The pitiful end of this being of laws allowed Leylin to learn of Shar’s methods.

“Allsnake! The Mistress of the Night has already found Thousand Bears City, and my main body has already left…” He gave a summary of what had transpired and quickly received an answer. “Imperial Capital Kerallen, this is the place where everything ends…”

“By the way, I’ve obtained two very interesting things. Want to take a look?” Without waiting for an answer from Leylin, the Snake Dowager impatiently...

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