Chapter 1090


‘The members of the imperial family are here indeed. They even brought the personal bodyguards of the imperial family.’ Crowley thought of the information gathered by the Bloodline Alliance. The imperial family of the Shadow Empire usually kept a low profile, but the strength that they had hidden was extremely powerful. Their personal bodyguards could cast shadow spells instantly, and amongst them were many mutants and bloodline carriers.

“We’re in danger today. The two of us could even die here. Are you afraid now?” Crowley looked at Steel Man.

“Haha… Cowardice does not exist in the commandments of a knight!” Steel Man’s answer was extremely heroic. A layer of white light glowed on his armour, forming a second layer of defence. Flames began to burn on the knight’s sword. Faced with such a perilous situation, Steel Man had evidently used a secret technique.

“Then… Let’s begin to break through the encirclement…” Crowley...

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