Chapter 109

A Way To Enter

The group discussed till late into the night, but no conclusions were arrived at.

After which, they assigned the sentry for the night watch, and the individuals returned to the tent to rest and meditate.

Leylin lay on a simple bed laid with the fur of a white wolf, anxiety stirring in his heart.

To him, this inheritance that no one knew about was now revealed to the rest. Furthermore, using the A.I. Chip’s scanning abilities did not yield him any results. This made him feel rather irritated.

Even the meditation that he did daily had to be postponed.

“Maybe I should not put all my hopes in here. The south coast is extremely vast. Every dozens of years there would be an acolyte who stumbled upon an inheritance and obtain resources to advance into an official Magus. There are many chances…”

Leylin comforted himself, and then laughed in spite of himself.

Originally, he had considered the great Magus Serholm’s inheritance as his own belonging, which had led him to be obsessed with it. Even a magician’s most basic...

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