Chapter 1089


“I’m sorry, Mr. Crowley. Your beautiful dreams are about to be ruined…” A witch in crimson red robes strolled over, an ancient tome clutched in her hands.

“Witch Maya!” Crowley bowed reverently. This charming lady was an existence who was even older than him, the head of the Coven of Witches. In truth, without her support and her assistance, their breach of Demonic Islands would not have gone so smoothly.

“This truly is a demon island. Our opponent is an existence who is infinitely more evil…” Witch Maya muttered under her breath.

“What does Your Excellency mean?” Crowley scratched his head in thought.

“Project X involves controlling the body. Have you ever heard of the ‘Tree of Life’ project?”

“Tree of Life? What’s that?” The knight and the old fellow felt that they would have a mental breakdown.

“This is the empire’s most top secret plan, on the same level as the X research…” The witch’s first sentence made the others breathe in...

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