Chapter 1087

Stone Tablet

Put bluntly, Crowley was Xavier’s only connection in the Bloodline Alliance. In fact, Xavier himself didn’t feel like a proper member yet, still unclear on the motives and principles guiding this organisation.

His only hope had been to borrow Crowley’s strength to help rescue his sister, but Crowley was now leaving? How would he be able to ask for assistance from the Bloodline Alliance and gather intelligence for his mission, even deploy troops to rescue Jill?

“But why? Jill is also your…” Xavier gritted his teeth.

“Because there’s something even more important for me to do.” There was a look of determination on Crowley’s face, “Don’t worry, I entrusted Jill’s rescue to Bobbi. Follow her advice in the future…”


“You’re leaving just like that?” On the aircraft runway, Bobbi looked at Crowley who was geared in full body armour. A finger was twirling her hair behind her...

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