Chapter 1086


“Hmm?” Xavier lost his focus for a moment, but he soon felt something burning up in his chest. A pain reverberated from the very depths of his soul, immediately breaking the defences of his spirit to render him unconscious.

However, his body stood still in the real world. Were his clothes to be taken off, one would be able to see dark yet beautiful runes form a mandara flower that spread out from his heart. Many powerful glyphs formed its exquisite petals.

“What are you trying to do, kid?” Wolf Fang felt shivers run down his spine, and he sensed a great danger to his life.

“Damn it!” He struck out under the pressure, forming the sharpest of wind blades, “Secret technique— Feral Wind Wolf Crunch!”

*Awoo—* A distant howl sounded, and the gale turned into a giant wolf jaw that engulfed the teen. However, Wolf Fang actually felt the threat to his life increase,...

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