Chapter 1085


“I’ll say it, I’ll say it! They’re in basement 2!” The immense threat of death cured the fatty’s stutter, and he spilled the beans in a hurry.

*Crash!* Xavier tossed him to the side and charged down to the basement.

“Trash! You’re all trash!” An icy voice sounded, causing Xavier’s heart to skip a beat. He soon saw a black-robed figure that made his eyes bulge in rage— it was the middle-aged man who had abducted his sister, and he was still wearing the same jacket!

“The guards here are too weak…” The man didn’t carry any weapons on him, and the unzipped jacket flapped in the wind to reveal the perfect abdominal muscles of his body. It gave Xavier an extreme sense of danger.

At the man’s feet were many dead members of the Bloodline Alliance, and on his body were scars from the aftermath of an explosion.

“Give me back my sister!” Xavier howled.

“Oh, you’re that kid from before… Heh, looks like that idiot Base is dead…”...

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