Chapter 1085


“I’ll say it, I’ll say it! They’re in basement 2!” The immense threat of death cured the fatty’s stutter, and he spilled the beans in a hurry.

*Crash!* Xavier tossed him to the side and charged down to the basement.

“Trash! You’re all trash!” An icy voice sounded, causing Xavier’s heart to skip a beat. He soon saw a black-robed figure that made his eyes bulge in rage— it was the middle-aged man who had abducted his sister, and he was still wearing the same jacket!

“The guards here are too weak…” The man didn’t carry any weapons on him, and the unzipped jacket flapped in the wind to reveal the perfect abdominal muscles of his body. It gave Xavier an extreme sense of danger.

At the man’s feet were many dead members of the Bloodline Alliance, and on his body were scars from the aftermath of an explosion.

“Give me back my sister!” Xavier howled.

“Oh, you’re that kid from before… Heh, looks like that idiot Base is dead…” The middle-aged man inhaled deeply, “Make sure to remember my name. I’m Wolf Fang, the one who’ll kill you tonight.”

*Awoo—* A strong forcefield emanated from the man’s body, making Xavier feel like he was standing helplessly before a canine on the grassy plains.

*Hiss!* He quickly activated the Snakebite Fist in response, and the phantom of a black serpent appeared behind him.

“Huh, interesting. I’ll be able to toy with you a little while longer!” Wolf Fang’s eyes brightened.

*Boom!* However, the ceiling broke apart just as Wolf Fang was about to make his move, and Crowley descended to stand in front of Xavier.

“Go! I’ll stop him!”

“Thank you!” Xavier rapidly disappeared into the passage, but Crowley and Wolf Fang no longer minded him.

“Keke… Crowley, one of the top five experts of the Bloodline Alliance. You’re wanted for fifteen charges of treason, a rank SSS criminal.” Wolf Fang’s gaze at Crowley was like nothing else existed in the world.

“Javis’ lackey, eh. Your hands are stained with the blood of my people…” A pea sized ball of explosion radiated out from Crowley, and a fine black mist appeared to fight back against Wolf Fang’s forcefield. A black python seemed to emerge from within the mist, its vertical eyes glaring at Wolf Fang.

“Hahaha… Interesting, quite interesting! So that kid just now was your student? Or is he a descendant?” Wolf Fang guffawed as he charged forward like a tank. The battle had begun!

“What is this?” Having entered the room in the basement, Xavier was scared out of his wits at the sight he’d witnessed. Multiple giant nutrition pods littered the area, containing creatures of different species and even human beings. The humans themselves seemed to be from all age groups.

However, even if these people looked normal there was definitely something odd about them. Xavier peered through one cylinder of glass, seeing a little boy with purple skin and a pair of wings protruding from his back. It seemed to be some form of deformity.

The little boy suddenly opened his eyes, his yellow pupils staring icily at Xavier. It was a look of utter despair and death.

“It’s… Alive!” Darkness seemed to enveloped Xavier at this instant. He’d lived his life as an ordinary citizen so far, so this was the first time the vile, dark, reality was put in front of him.

Seeing that there were live specimens here, Xavier suddenly got worried. “Jill, Jill!”

*Boom!* He destroyed a black mechanical lock, revealing an underground basement. A putrid stench emanated from within.

“Jill! Jill, are you there?”Xavier opened one of the cages underground, but he only saw a few girls with unfamiliar faces.

“Five minutes left. Make sure to withdraw in time!” Genius sounded rather nervous through the earpiece. Several other members who’d followed Xavier exchanged looks, and immediately began scouring for Jill.

Xavier did not mind the actions of the members. He had only wanted to find Jill right now.

“Get lost!” Several Special Forces members were sent flying back and died miserably as a loud serpent hissed.

This place was only a branch base, and it wasn’t prepared for such a relentless ambush. It probably held more administrators than soldiers, so Xavier with his armour on was like a ferocious beast that swept away everything in his path.

“Underground room #2!” He kicked opened a metal door, and saw several girls crouching in the corner. All of them wore the uniform of Golden Flower Primary School.

“Jill! Jill!” Xavier howled, but there was no response.

“Not here! Not here too! What’s happening?” He forcefully picked up a researcher in a white lab coat, the strength in his wrist causing the man’s face to turn red.

“Cough… Cough… The kids from Golden Flower Primary School that were captured today are here…” The researcher’s face turned purple, as he uttered several more words. “However… Some special specimens were just taken away, en route to headquarters… Cough, I told you everything I know, please spare me…”

“Damn it!” Xavier’s eyes turned red, and he crushed the man’s throat without much effort.

*Bang!* The corpse fell lifelessly to the ground. Xavier then waved his hands and sent the little children running out of the room. Right now, he could only walk around aimlessly in the underground base.

“Enemy troops will arrive in one minute! Evacuate immediately!” Genius’ voice sounded once again. He was extremely exasperated now, but Xavier seemed not to hear anything he was saying.

“What are you doing? You idiot!”

*Bang!* A fist struck Xavier’s face, causing him to be embedded into the wall that had crumbled partially, but it had turned him clear-headed. “Here… Jill… Not here…”

“So what? You haven’t found your sister?” Bobbi wore a tight uniform, as she punched Xavier again, sending him flying out from the wall. She then stepped on Xavier, “She’s not dead, so as long as she’s alive, there will always be a chance. But right now, you are very likely to die here before her!”

“Yes! The headquarters of the Special Forces! I have to go there!” Xavier’s pupils suddenly blazed with flames. “Thank you, Miss Bobbi, also… How is Crowley right now?”

“He’s in trouble! Wolf Fang is Javis’ right hand man, so he is very powerful. Only Crowley here can resist him, and their support troops came in faster than expected. The only comfort is that the other members in this base aren’t strong fighters, so we already rescued a large number of people.”

“I’ll help him!” Without further hesitation, Xavier jumped on his feet quickly, and ran at a speed that Bobbi could not chase after.

“Sigh… Young people nowadays…” Without knowing why, Bobbi smiled lightly. But very soon, she surveyed her surroundings, “What are all of you waiting for? Hurry and evacuate! Take everything that can be brought away, and destroy the rest! I want the sins of this place to be burned away by fire!”

*Pit Pat! Pit Pat!* Droplets of fresh blood fell of the ground, accompanied by heavy panting.

Crowley looked at the three deep gashes on his chest, and at the blood pouring profusely out of the wounds. Wolf Fang had managed to expose his bone.

“Haha… How is it? A top expert of the Bloodline Alliance only has this much ability?” Wolf Fang laughed maniacally. His shirt had been ripped open, and his aura began to converge, forming the phantom of a wolf behind him.

Experts like them were far faster than normal human beings. Unless one could cast spells instantly, a Rapid Shadow wristwatch was of no use at this level.

“You’re a bloodline carrier as well. Why betray your kin?” Crowley asked, panting.

“You haven’t seen the might of the empire,” Wolf Fang squinted, “You’ll never be able to imagine the kind of existence that backs it up. Compared to them, I am but an ant…”

“Ah… You already lost the heart to improve yourself as a practitioner!” Crowley swayed, as if he was going to collapse at any moment.

“It doesn't matter what you say now, because you are going to die here today!” Wolf Fang struck out, and a powerful gale accompanied his strike which looked like the jaws of a wolf, “Wolf Fang Punch!”

*Hiss!* A black figure stood before Crowley and a snake hissed loudly, but the black figure was sent flying back.

“Kid, you actually dare to return?” Wolf Fang looked at Xavier.

“Hurry and leave! You aren’t his match!” Crowley looked extremely worried now.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine!” Xavier picked himself up from the ground and patted off the dirt on his body.

*Kacha! Kacha!* However, his expression soon changed. A spiderweb of a crack appeared on his fist, soon extending to his arms and even his shoulders. His armour quickly shattered into pieces, revealing the teenage boy within.

“Hehe...My Wolf Fang Punch has the power to shatter and shock anything it touches, so it is the best for destroying things…” Wolf Fang stood before Xavier, like a giant wolf which had found his prey.

“Not good, Wolf Fang is stronger than I’d expected, even the other members that Bobbi brought as support are not going to be of much use…” Cold sweat began to form at the tip of Xavier’s brows.

“No! I still have to find Jill, how can I die here?” The youth clenched his fist…

This intense desire to live made its way to Leylin, who was watching on as a spectator.

“Forget it! He is after all a descendant of the Snake Dowager. I just agreed to look after her bloodline, how could I betray that so quickly?” Leylin smiled and gently tapped in the air with his finger.

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