Chapter 1084


Outskirts of Thousand Bears City.

Crowley had brought Xavier to a simple and crude building that was still under construction.

Past a board that covered up the basement was a huge place. Flickering neon lights illuminated a place with a cold, hard, metallic lustre, causing Xavier’s palms to sweat slightly.

“This is the Bloodline Alliance’s stronghold in Thousand Bears City. It’s impossible for the two of us alone to attack a branch of the empire’s Special Forces ourselves, so we’ll need some helpers. Come, let’s introduce you.”

Crowley brought Xavier to a place that seemed like a little meeting room, pulling the door open. Instantly, many judging and distrustful or threatening gazes fixed onto him, causing him to stiffen up.

“Alright, alright. Don’t get too overboard with your greetings!” Amidst this perilous situation, Crowley was like a huge reef. His words caused a large amount of the pressure to dissipate. Only then did Xavier get...

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