Chapter 1084


Outskirts of Thousand Bears City.

Crowley had brought Xavier to a simple and crude building that was still under construction.

Past a board that covered up the basement was a huge place. Flickering neon lights illuminated a place with a cold, hard, metallic lustre, causing Xavier’s palms to sweat slightly.

“This is the Bloodline Alliance’s stronghold in Thousand Bears City. It’s impossible for the two of us alone to attack a branch of the empire’s Special Forces ourselves, so we’ll need some helpers. Come, let’s introduce you.”

Crowley brought Xavier to a place that seemed like a little meeting room, pulling the door open. Instantly, many judging and distrustful or threatening gazes fixed onto him, causing him to stiffen up.

“Alright, alright. Don’t get too overboard with your greetings!” Amidst this perilous situation, Crowley was like a huge reef. His words caused a large amount of the pressure to dissipate. Only then did Xavier get the strength to raise his head and size up the people in the meeting room.

Everybody here had a grim aura about them, causing the teen to feel extremely uncomfortable. However, there was one person amongst them he recognised.

“Is that… Invigilator Bobbi?” He focused on one of the many females.

“Haha… You should’ve seen her at your greater skill test. Let me introduce you once more. This is Bobbi. She has the bloodline of the ancient enchanting witch, and she’s also an official of Thousand Bears City.”

Crowley rubbed his nose, “Be careful. This old woman likes to prey on young things…”

“Who are you calling old, you smelly snake?” Bobbi twisted her slender waist as she approached Xavier. She was one head taller than him, and it gave him much pressure.

“Can you do it, kid? This isn’t playing house, you really might lose your life in this operation…”

Xavier looked up at the roaring sea and gulped, before turning resolute, “I… I must go!”

“Haha… Don’t underestimate Xavier. He’s genius enough to have mastered the Snakebite Fist at his age! With an additional set of armour, he’ll definitely be powerful!” Crowley patted Xavier on the back.

“Mastery over the Snakebite Fist?” The crowd began to get restless, and what followed next was Bobbi’s fearless laughter, “Haha… how interesting. This is too interesting…

“He’s not even twenty now. Considering his age, it can’t have been all that long…” She turned her waist and sized Xavier up and down as if watching a rare animal. She then shot a glance at Crowley with her slender eyes, the challenge and disdain within them obvious, “Didn’t you take two hundred years to do the same thing? In comparison to him, what are you?”

“Can we not discuss this now?” Crowley could only surrender to this taunt that struck at his weak spot. Xavier, on the other hand, was shocked, ‘Is the Snakebite Fist that difficult? Then why could I succeed in a matter of days…’

He now understood that what had happened to him was something unusual. He decided to keep it a secret, it was something that could not be made known.

“Alright! Since he’s gained mastery of the Snakebite Fist, he meets the requirements to join us,” Bobbi nodded and sat down, “Let’s continue what we were discussing…”

“That’s the kind of person she is. Try not to provoke her…” Crowley awkwardly pulled Xavier to sit at a corner, no longer bringing up meeting anyone else.

“Based on our intel, the empire’s special forces have destroyed four or five strongholds of the resistance in Thousand Bears City. They’ve become more ruthless and brutal, and the number of young bloodline carriers they took away has increased…” A screen flashed with many images as a young man in a wheelchair spoke. A picture of Golden Flower Primary School caused Xavier to clench his fists.

“We can surmise that they must’ve faced a huge loss of sorts recently, so they’re eager to get new blood…”The young man on the wheelchair lifted his glasses, full of confidence, “Thanks to them, numerous organisations are now willing to pledge their loyalty to us. Of course, it’s on the condition that we destroy their base in Thousand Bears City and save their relatives… What’s most important is that the other side is unscrupulous, to the point that even the mayor is disgusted. We can make use of this and break off their most powerful support from authorities…”

“Do you understand the general situation now? Prepare to move out!” Bobbi clapped her hands, and people left the meeting room one after another. Only Xavier, Crowley, and a few others were left behind.

“You don’t have a weapon yet, right kid? Come with me!” Bobbi placed her hands on her hips and brought Xavier to the young man seated in the wheelchair.

Crowley spoke up from beside Xavier, “This guy’s called Genius, he’s our organisation’s weapons and intelligence officer.”

“Haha… did you just say I’m smart?” The young man called Genius burst into laughter, seemingly full of love for himself. However, Crowley and Bobbi did not say anything, obviously used to his narcissism.

Xavier noticed that this man was stuck with prosthetics from the waist down. He’d evidently suffered from some critical injury before, to the point that even the empire’s current technology could not allow him to recover.

Genius maneuvered his wheelchair and arrived in front of Xavier, “Speak! Tell me what you want. Even if it’s the newest version of Rapid Shadow, I can get it for you!”

“Mm, I haven’t tried the high-grade Rapid Shadow yet, and I haven’t even passed the licensing exam. The same goes for laser weapons…” Xavier scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Then…” Crowley and Bobbi exchanged an awkward glance, but they did not speak.

“Just give me armour!” Xavier had made his choice after some thought. After all, his greatest advantage was the mastery of the Snakebite Fist. Sturdy armour would greatly raise his battle might.

“Just armour? Don’t you need anything else? How about tracking cannons? Or an external Weave connection?”Genius trained a piercing gaze on Xavier, as if measuring his body size.

“That’s not necessary. All I want is something that can protect me well. The metal for my arms must be durable enough, and should not affect my movements… And for my legs, It’s best that…”

Xavier gave a broad outline of what he wanted and then looked at Genius, “I’ve said a lot. Do you remember it all?”

“Haha… it’s no big deal. I’m Genius, remember?” A projection appeared in mid-air as Genius patted his wheelchair, showing an outline of armour that was exactly like what Xavier had described.

“The only thing that matches your requirements right now is the empire’s Venomsnake Armour. Thankfully there’s one stored in the base. It can be used after some modification…” Genius’ hands moved extremely quickly. In but tens of minutes, Xavier was able to don his armour.

He waved his arm and tested the flexibility of the arms for the armour, and then entered a stance of the Snakebite Fist. “Amazing…”

“But of course! Genius really is a genius. He used to be from the Imperial Research Institute, anything he alters can be sold at astronomical prices on the black market…” Crowley had changed into a black windbreaker, “Are you ready? Let’s leave!”

“Of course,” Xavier’s fists punched out, creating dazzling sparks in the air, “Jill, I’m coming to save you!”


The members of the Bloodline Alliance moved very quickly. In just half an hour all its fighters were surrounding a military base.

“That’s the base of the Special Forces branch. Once the fight begins Genius will move to break off all communication with the outer world. We’ll have fifteen minutes.” Crowley sounded grim, “Remember to be on time. Any later than that, and we’ll have no other way. Once they move out from their garrison to encircle us, all of us will probably be completely decimated.”

“Fifteen minutes!” Xavier gazed at the base like it was a malicious beast and gritted his teeth, “That’s enough!”

“Good! Well then, move out!” Crowley raised an arm, and numerous black figures pounced out. In the next moment, a bright red alarm resounded in the base.

“Communications down. Haha… I really am a genius!” Genius was in the basement of the Bloodline Alliance base, sat inside a huge machine with a silver helmet on his head. His eyes were full of an abnormal fervour.

He hadn’t just cut off communications. The military base’s power had been taken down as well, causing the Special Forces’ base to quiet down.

*Hss!* Xavier struck out with a right hand that was like a venomous snake tooth. Protected by his armour, he was like a humanoid gundam as his fingers instantly severed the throat of an enemy. The Venomsnake Armour weighed nearly fifty kilos, but to him it was almost weightless.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!* Black figures were flung away one after the other. Xavier quickly charged out, his armoured hands grabbing onto a fat bald man.

“Where’s Jill? No, where are those primary school students you took today?” Although his was covered by armour, Xavier understood the he was looking quite sinister.

His fierce murderous spirit immediately caused the man to stammer. His body trembled, and a patch of wetness appeared on his pants. He’d actually lost control of his bladder!

Just at this moment, a few black-clothed men charged over towards him, firing their laser weapons. The shots only left shallow marks on Xavier’s armour, and in retaliation he struck them ruthlessly, causing them to crash into the wall leaving huge depressions behind. Their bones shattered loudly, and it was obvious that they would not live.

“Speak quickly, or you’re next!”

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