Chapter 1082


“Alilux, Jar Spectre, as well as a guardian of the mermaid clan, the prophet Kalle...” The Snake Dowager’s eyes held a trace of sadness, “You should have chosen me from the beginning…”

She walked directly into the ancient castle, but the dozing security guard did not notice her at all. Intensely familiar with everything in the castle, she continued on her way and walked into the basement. She finally arrived in front of a wall.

The dirt yellow manson stones were covered with the mottled marks of history. The likeness of a two-handle vase had been carved in there with simple skill.

“In Allsnake’s name…” the Snake Dowager bit her lip, a trace of blood appearing and piercing into the body of the wall. The entire wall seemed to collapse, revealing a pitch-black passageway.

In the end, she arrived in front of a simple altar. There she saw fragments of ceramic, radiating an atmosphere of chilling horror with concentrated resentment. The grudge had materialised even after...

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