Chapter 1081

Seen Through

“Mm, I’ve been there. The world makes one wish for a leisurely life, and it’s filled with all sorts of interesting laws…” Leylin chuckled, and then looked at the weird girl, “I’d never have thought that the shadow girl didn’t actually fall, instead coming to the astral plane…”

“Faith is powerful, but it’s also a cage for us gods…” Shar grew dazed, seemingly recalling past memories, “When we were on the verge of falling in the dusk of the gods, I actually managed to see through some things. No matter how great it is, restricted power is worth nothing. In comparison, the Magi’s approach to the truth…”

“Even so, you were the only one able to make a real change…” Leylin’s eyes glinted as he inquired subtly.

“Hehe… you don’t need to try sounding me out. I was the only one who crossed the crystal sphere to come to the astral plane. Devoid of faith, we gods are like fish out of water, and things become dangerous...

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