Chapter 108

The Entrance

After which, Leylin and the rest met several waves of miasma and hordes of poisonous insects.

Under the aid of the potions Leylin provided, the party got through these danger zones with ease.

After Leylin displayed a few methods of using the potions to dispel the poisonous insects and miasma, Jayden and the rest were convinced of Leylin’s talent.

Even Bosain from the Lilytell family would occasionally cast surprised glances at Leylin.

Obviously, he had heard of Leylin’s talent in Potioneering before, but Leylin’s talent had exceeded his expectations.

The party trekked over land and water, finally arriving at the overhanging cliff depicted on the map two days later.

“So beautiful!”

Shaya gasped. Even Leylin and the others showed signs of indulgence.

On the edge of the cliff, there were bright yellow flowers growing on the levelled ground. In the heart of the flower, it was bright red. When it bloomed it had the size of two regular humans’ fists put together.

The whole mountaintop was filled with this strange...

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