Chapter 1078


‘This extraordinary strength, it’s similar to a bloodline aura but also contains vicissitudes of the spirit…’ Leylin looked at Crowley and then back at Xavier, finding them both similar. Of course, without knowledge nobody would notice these similarities.

‘Bloodline carrier, huh? Finally found one, and an organisation suppressed by the empire at that... ‘ Leylin felt somewhat delighted, and at the same time he observed Xavier’s conversation with Crowley as the latter left something with the teen.

‘Interesting… Is he trying to protect Xavier or set him up?’ Leylin looked at Crowley, but Crowley walked away instead.

“Alright everyone, the examinations will begin!” Under the vigilant gazes of the officers, Leylin and the other candidates walked into a large field with a white jade floor. In the centre of the field was a spell formation in the shape of a hexagon.

“The examinations requires you to...

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